MMS 50th Anniversary

1974 – 2024

50 Years and we’re still here… training the best coaches in the world!

Celebrating 50 Years of Training Coaches Globally

MMS Golden Jubilee

Michael Pomije welcomes 100 guests from 16 countries to the MMS Golden Jubilee: Celebrating 50 years of training coaches globally. As Dr. Cherie shared in her speech on stage, “She had to create two broken hips, so she had to sit down, which made it possible for Michael to stand up. Michael did a wonderful job being the Master of Ceremonies at the 50th Celebration. It took one year to put this four-hour event together and Michael also celebrated his birthday on the same day.

Gratitude in Celebration

A Heartfelt Thank You!

A gracious and heartfelt “thank you” for all of the thoughtful and precious gifts! You are all amazing and so very generous!

Our MMS, 50th anniversary celebration of training coaches around the world was beyond our expectations. So many special guests from 16 countries coming together with open hearts, open minds, and the desire to make the world a better place made it an extraordinary experience.

There were technical glitches that were beyond our control, however, the evolved guests who attended were so forgiving that it became a non-issue.

People were speaking in Thai, in Chinese, in German, in Vietnamese, in Hindi, in French, and English, of course. The harmonic vibe was experienced through the cacophony of musical tones in the various languages. It was a glimmer of the way the world can be if we ascend to our highest and most evolved selves.

We addressed the past, the present, and the future of our work on planet Earth. We showed a glimmer of Chérie.AI which is currently being trained, together with our partners and licenses will carry the work into the future and beyond. Everything is possible!

We closed with spectacular Chinese fireworks which lifted our spirits into the heavens! We are so grateful for those who came across the ocean, those who took the time to watch and listen, and all of the support that came from everyone who supported us and the special event.

We are filled with gratitude, love, and the belief in miracles!

Come be a Silent Observer!

Dr. Chérie

MMS 50th Anniv

Training coaches since 1974

MMS 50th Year Journey

From “Asking Questions” to “Coaching”, Dr. Chérie established the MMS Worldwide Institute with the purpose of providing coach training to individuals from all corners of the globe.

MMS 50th Anniversary Speech

Highlights & Insights

Explore event insights: powerful quotes, key takeaways, and lasting lessons from speakers and participants during the celebration of MMS 50th Anniversary taken at Rawi Warin Resort in Thailand.

“Living life as a coach is a lot more than asking questions. It’s a lot more than sitting across from someone hoping they get it. It’s living life so that I get it. Because unless I get it, what does it matter…”

– Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott

Mother of Coaching

Anton’s MMS Speech

Jennie’s MMS Speech

Brenda’s MMS Speech

Van Anh’s MMS Speech

Christina’s MMS Speech

JP’s MMS Speech

Lynnie’s MMS Speech

Gary Wang’s MMS Speech

Dr.Vidya & Thai Licensees’ MMS Speech

MMS Family

Participants & Sponsors

We extend our deepest gratitude to all attendees, sponsors, speakers, and volunteers. Your unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in making this milestone celebration a resounding success.

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