I received my coaching training at the MMS Institute, during this training I was introduced to Sub-personalities. It was not my first introduction to this subject. My wife (Jessica Austin) told me about the subject of Sub-personalities. At the time, I was skeptical and had my own thoughts about it. This changed when I read “Become One: Claim the Driver’s Seat of Your Life!”, by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott. This book turned out to be a revelation for me! This book made me realize that I too have Subs!

This made me curious about the Subs I recognized in myself. Were my Subs similar to the Subs I recognized in the book? What are my Subs? Who are they? How many are there? Are they connected, or do they work independently? At the time, I had a lot of questions and no answers. This is where my journey of discovering my Subs began. 

I wrote this book with no intention of publishing it. I had so many thoughts and discoveries that I needed an overview. For that reason, I began to write down what I was doing, how I was doing it, and what my discoveries and thoughts were during this journey of discovery about myself. 

During a coaching session with one of my first clients, I introduced her to the concept of Subs. It was new for her, and she struggled to define them. At the end of our session, I thought it might help her to read how I was discovering my one. When I was thinking of sharing my discoveries with her, I found it difficult to share this. It is a very personal document; I write about my personal life, my thoughts, my past, my life experiences and I describe my Subs. It was written by me, for myself. At the same time, I realized that – in our coaching sessions – she shared her personal stories with me. This made me decide to share my personal story with her.

During our next session, she told me that it had helped her, and she received great benefits from it. Because of her positive response, I thought it might be useful for my coachees in the future to help them define their Subs. 

Her feedback, and the encouragement of my teacher and mentor, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, made me decide to publish the book and share it with the world.

By sharing my experience and my Subs with the readers of my book, and via the workshops I will lead for MMS this year on this topic, I hope to help others discover their Subs to “Claim the Driver’s Seat of your Life!”

The book is now available worldwide via Amazon as a hard copy and as an E-book in two languages.


Anton de Ruiter, ACC


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