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At Motivation Management Service, we have been teaching Customer Service since 1976 and we are passionate about the Customer Service Training. We had breakthrough research that proved and established for the very first time ever that there is a direct link between the way employees are treated and the way those same employees treat customers. In any business, it is customer service that makes the significant difference between average and outstanding, between noteworthy and legendary, between unmemorable and unforgettable.
In our customer service training program we address the following topics:

Expectations and the meaning of excellence


What gets in the way of outstanding Customer Service


Building the Bridge between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Well-Being


What is exactly required to serve the customer


What employees need to deliver legendary customer service.

When we discuss the topic of Customer Service, there are three facets that must be considered. The first is establishing realistic expectations in the customer. If you set the bar too low, your customers will go elsewhere; if you set the bar too high you may be guilty of over promising and under delivering which results in unfulfilled expectations. The second is delivery of consistent quality that meets or ideally exceeds expectations. The third is how you deal with disappointed, upset, or irate customers.
You can always retrieve an unfulfilled expectation if you are sincerely concerned, actively listen to the entire story, empathize, and then do whatever you can to rectify the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. When there is an upset, the best customer service employee can empathize with the customer’s experience. When an employee has been a customer, and has dealt with unfulfilled expectations, it makes the possibility of empathizing with those feelings more legitimate, more connected, and more caring. She understands what it feels like and she can identify more closely with the experience, both positively and negatively.

Therefore, you set the expectation, you deliver on your promise, and you follow up to complete the transaction with a smile, a handshake and you do whatever you need to do to keep your customer and make them feel important, special, and satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is exceeding the expectations of the person who is requesting and paying for the experience.

From the intensive research we have conducted over the years surveying and tracking the companies we can tell you with conviction that customers want:


To have their expectations met or exceeded which means that they want


To know they’ve been heard, respected, and cared for


To know that someone who represents the company cares about them


To know that someone is committed to their needs being met


“An expectation is that which is anticipated based on past experiences, determined by needs and wants in the current situation. Expectations provide ideas and images of intended, probable, and desired outcomes.”

So for instance, if you have always been greeted at the gym with a smile you will have the expectation of friendliness. If you are met with disregard or surliness your expectations will unfulfilled. If you have always had to fend for yourself in the home improvement store, and a helpful and informed employee approaches you with interest and support, your expectations will surely be exceeded. If you ask for a small bottle of water on an airline flight, and one time you are met with a warm, affirmative response and another time you are met with a “No, that is not our policy,” you will be confused, disgruntled, and possibly determined to get your needs met because you feel entitled. When you enter a hotel, every moment counts. Whether the valet greets you, how the bellmen addresses you, if the front desk manager smiles, locates your reservation, and shows their pleasure welcoming you to the property, each contact creates an overall impression.

If you want this impression to be positive, you want to ensure that all on your team are aligned with the same message, energy, and responsiveness. In order to do this you must know your vision, communicate your message, and constantly monitor to ensure that everyone remembers why they are there every single day.

The meaning of Excellence in customer service requires that the employee who deals directly with the customer is:


Conscious of the customer’s expectations


He anticipates problems


She is resource aware


He is responsive in a timely manner


She is authority sensitive


He is empowered with solutions


She has an alliance attitude


He cares about the employee, the company, the interaction, and the potential outcome of the current situation in the short and long term

Components of Customer Service

The objective of our customer service training is to create a culture that is consistent, aligned, and constant from within to without, and from top to bottom. This type of transparency creates a clear focus and eliminates ambiguity. You need to first address employee satisfaction. Out of the key factors:

making a difference


feeling valued for a job well done, and


being compensated for exceeding expectations, you need to ensure that at least two out of the three are available for all employees to experience.

Ensuring legendary customer service is not rocket science, but it is behavioral science. If you are to make sure this happens, it starts with one committed person. Then it spreads to those nearby, and ultimately you want it to become a positive viral epidemic of unlimited possibilities.

Remember this: When you live the principles of outstanding customer service, you create Moments that Matter so that your customers will never forget! Make these moments magical. Satisfaction is in your hands!

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