Ali Emir Adiguzel

Professional C-Level Executive Coach ACG INTERNATIONAL AG
Address Dubai 0000 United Arab Emirates Phone: +971566743095 Certification: April 18, 2021 Website:


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I am an alumni & graduate with honors of Istanbul Bosphorus University (BA’82 – Majors in Finance) and Harvard Business School (AMP’2004). I do speak English and French fluently. In 1989, I started at the largest cement company in Canakkale Cement in Turkey. Following several years of expansion and promotions, I became the Deputy General Manager of Canakkale Cement Company at the age of 36 years. The company was acquired by HC group. In later years, under my management Heidelberg Cement (HCT) became the largest and most successful international cement company recognized by all industry players in the world. Monthly sales reached 3.7 Mio tons, Margin of €78 Million. in 2004, I was appointed as the C.O.O. of HC Group in charge of RMC and Aggregates operations in Spain, Israel, and of Akcansa in Turkey. I was a Board Member representing HeidelbergCement at Akcansa Company in Turkey for 15 years until 2016. At the same time, HeidelbergCement assigned me as Board Member of Indocement for 6 years. During 10 years, I was in charge of Cement, RMC, Aggregates operations of the Group in the United Arab Emirates and later in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria as the Cluster CEO. I have been keynote speaker at leading conferences of the cement industry, trading, shipping worldwide and spoke at international events. My subjects include International Cement Industry trends, markets, dry bulk shipping issues, as well as seminars on leadership, ethics and compliance, international negotiation, cultural differences, motivation of middle level managers in large companies. I have the honor of being the former elected President of Turkish Cement Union (1994-1996) and former Chairman of the World Cement Association ( based in London (2016-2018) which is representing more than 1.5 Billion tons of cement capacity worldwide. During my career, I held several top management positions in cement, concrete and aggregates industry, as Deputy General Manager, General Manager, Member of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Chairman in many companies and countries. In 2019, I formed my own group of consulting, shipping, cement trading companies ( and ), at the same time, I continue to work as the Senior Advisor/consultant to the CEO at Heidelberg Cement’s HCT.

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