Brenda Thompson-El MCC

Leadership Coach Partnering with individuals to live their best life and helping organizations create a Coaching Culture!
Address Hendersonx Nevada 702 and 725 Website:


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Brenda had several experiences where leaders chose to engage with a coach, when she saw this happen, they thrived and were able to take their abilities from good-to-great. She believes it is important to help individuals unlock those untapped or hidden potentials. Coaching is now who she is and is her passion and has been the core of her existence for nearly twenty years.

Additionally, she has held various corporate leadership roles, worked with various industries, and in a human relations management consulting firm. Through assessments such as EQi, 360’s and other leadership training and tools help leaders identify behaviors that needed shifting, to better lead their teams and improve organizational results. Another exceptional coaching method is a process that she uses to help organizations by using team and / or group coaching, which can assist teams’ bond, execute better, understand each other, become more efficient, and better overall performance.

Brenda’s experience in various industries such as entertainment, telecommunications, higher-education and healthcare where she worked in human resources, diversity & inclusion, employee relations, training, talent management, change management as well as leadership development.

Brenda is an active speaker in professional and academic settings and has authored various articles for national and business publications.

She loves animals and enjoys reading leadership and non-fiction books.  Her passion for traveling the world helps her connect and learn about people and cultures.  As an accomplished Equestrian, for many years she has ridden and shown American Saddlebreds.

Education & Professional Development
Doctor of Philosophy in International Psychology
Master’s Degree in Organizational Administration
Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations & International Business
Master MMS Facilitator
MBTI Certified │ Prosci® Change Management Certified │ EQi Practitioner
Neuroscience Leadership Institute Certified │ HR Law & Employee Practices (HR)
MMS Executive Coach │ Kepner-Tregoe PM │ ESL Certified Teacher & Trainer │ StrengthsFinder Coach
ICF Associate Certified Coach (PCC │ AchieveGlobal Customer Service │ CCL 360 Assessment Certified

Professional Publications, Speaking Engagements & Organizational Memberships Provided Upon Request

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