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I’m a Certified PCC ICF coach with extensive experience in the corporate world that helps clients shift from good to great. As an Executive Presence, Executive Communication and EQ Leadership Coach I’ll Help You boost your career, your performance and maximize your potential. 

Prior to coaching, I gained extensive experience working for the world’s largest tech company Booking Holding, have led medium and large teams of highly capable and motivated individuals, opened regional offices, and developed leadership programs and courses. 

I am also a professional coach, group facilitator and workshop leader. I completed my formal coaching education in August 2018, followed by ICF ACC Certification in August 2018; and ICF PCC Certification in September 2020. 

Based in Bangkok, I have coached and trained in over 10 countries, and lived and worked in more than five. As an expat, I am in an excellent position to support other mobile employees and expats and coach them through relocations and the challenges of settling into new places. 

I am a subject-matter expert in self-esteem, self-awareness, coaching, mentoring, assembling teams, change management and leadership training. I am also passionate about supporting women who want to become more confident and successful in the corporate world.

I believe that every person has the power to live the life they want. During our coaching, I will partner with you to find answers you did not know you have. I will be there to help you to create and heighten your self-awareness; help you see and open the doors of opportunities; support you when resistance, fears, and doubts take over; and hold you accountable for your own success. 

The value people get from working with me is multifaceted. You will create self-awareness, either through self-discovery and reflection or through other research-backed methods. I will help you uncover both empowering and limiting belief systems to formulate authentic leadership models. And I will help you learn to live up to your potential courage, vulnerability and discipline.

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