Suzan Verzijden

Coach voor betaalde en onbetaalde zorgverleners, die zich overbelast en niet gehoord voelen. Ik help hen ‘in control’ en ‘on speaking terms’ te komen zodat hun leven weer van hen wordt.
Address The Randstad Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)6 22461483 Website:


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For 30 years I’ve been working in Healthcare. My 5 years of study before that also were about Healthcare, which for me, is the field in which my time and effort are most worthwhile. I worked in several jobs, always behind the scenes. Especially in my 11 years of senior management I supported others to make a difference to caregivers, patients and their loved ones.

Since 2012 I’m also a MMS-trained coach and an ICF ACC since 2017. All the practice and training I had since that time prepared me for taking the big step to start my own company and spend all my time at making a difference directly to the people giving and/or receiving care. As I specialized as a medical coach, I can do what I am most passionate about every day.

Being ill is all consuming and overwhelming. The illness has taken over and it often feels like you have no control left. Taking care of a loved one who is ill can feel equally overwhelming. Living chronically under such stress takes a heavy toll.

Through coaching I can help people to reduce stress, feel more rested, get some energy back and ultimately support them in taking back the power over their own lives.

Apart from this I am also a facilitator in the MMS Coach Training. This is a very rewarding role as well. Supporting people in their personal development and in taking the first steps in becoming a professional coach is definitely another passion for me.


Specialties: Medical coach, life coach, mentor coach

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