All the programs we offer can be customized to your companies needs and wishes.

Our Corporate Consulting programs serve the employee training needs of corporations to meet today’s challenges of the business industry.

We assist professional teams in aligning their energies towards desired outcomes. We support initiatives and present courses to augment perceived gaps. We act as Change Agents, ensuring that the culture change is effective, efficient and endures over time.

MMS Corporate Processes

Employee Owned Change™

The most popular MMS Corporate Process Employee Owned Change – creates a blueprint that represents “The Voice of the People” that can be used effectively to manage the change process.

Corporate Team Building Program

Teams also have life cycles. There is the stage of forming a new team with enthusiastic new players. There is the stage of sorting out issues, capitalizing on differences, and creating Team Covenants for the future.

Customer Service Training

We had breakthrough research that proved and established for the very first time ever that there is a direct link between the way employees are treated and the way those same employees treat customers.

MMS Corporate Training Programs

MMS Institute facilitates initiative-driven corporate training programs, motivation management services, workshops, seminars, courses customized to achieve an organization’s business objectives, mission statement and goals.

Our corporate training programs are content-driven that teach specific skills, enhance abilities, and provide a framework for continuing professional education.

What is it about?

The term “Corporate” encompasses a large group of people with a lot of varied capabilities. Corporate Consultants have different specialties depending on their area of expertise. Most Corporate Consultants, despite their expertise must be excellent analysts, attentive listeners, and firm but tactful communicators.

Our field of Corporate Consulting is Organizational Development. This is the field that deals with people working together in the most productive manner possible. Organizational development plan is the process through which an organization develops the internal capacity to be the most effective it can be in its mission work and to sustain itself over the long term. This definition highlights the explicit connection between organizational development work and the achievement of organizational mission. This connection is the rationale behind undertaking this work. Organization development, according to Richard Beckhard, is defined as:


A planned effort…




Managed from the top…


To increase organization effectiveness and health…


Through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes’, using behavioral science and knowledge.

As an outside person, the Corporate Consultant uses observation, active listening, logic, intuition, deductive reasoning, and flashes of insight to provide feedback that illuminates the situation and provides a workable strategy for the implementation of solutions.

Ethics and trust play an important role. It is imperative that management trusts the consultant, and likewise it is essential that the consultant operates with integrity and ethics. Corporate Consultants usually charges a high per diem rate because he or she is dealing with complex systems that often impact millions if not billions of dollars of revenues. A recommendation might save hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

Corporate Consultants have different styles. Some Corporate Consultants come with a “know and tell approach,” while others ask questions, listen, absorb, reflect, clarify, and summarize. Some Corporate Consultants administer instruments, while others delve into the accounting systems and the books before addressing the people. The approach usually depends on your orientation, style and method. Our corporate consulting approach has always been “Ask and listen” so that the answers are derived collaboratively and the client is empowered to implement the required changes.

MMS Process Facilitation

MMS Process Facilitation – Using MMS facilitation model, corporate processes and corporate programs move individuals and groups to consensus in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Time Options:

Individually arranged with senior MMS consultant

The Ideal Licensees:

An independent consultant or corporate trainer

Who this program is for:

Corporate employees

Cost Options:

Based on per diem, client budget, and market

Number of Participants:

Depends on the organization’s needs and wants

We have specialized in corporate consulting services for the following industries:
  • Banking
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Fashion/Entertainment

Corporate Training Programs Are:

Change Management

In the Change Management Program you will learn how to successfully manage change so that you take what happens and use it to forward your company’s objectives.

Coaching Skills

The Coaching Skills Workshop is a four and one half day program with home assignments and sessions that focuses on coaching skills.

Leadership Training

Leaders are sometimes born and other times they are developed. At MMS Worldwide Institute, we believe that Leadership is a choice!

Consultative Sales

What makes Consultative Sales Training different from other sales courses is that you ask questions, focus your attention on the customer or client, and you actively listen to their responses.

Interviewing Skills

MMS Interviewing Skills Training is aimed at anyone who wishes to develop their interviewing skills. This will cover all the practical skills needed to make recruitment interviews productive and focused.

Time Management

Time Management training’s purpose is to be able to orchestrate your life so that you are in alignment with your values, use your time wisely, and feel fulfilled at the end of each day.

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Communication and Conflict Resolution focuses on overcoming common communication barriers. An essential program to avoid an office breakdown.

Performance Appraisal Training

MMS Performance Appraisal Training program is designed to document the expectations and provide a mechanism to improve individual/organizational performance as necessary.

Termination & Exit Training

When terminating an employee, you must be firm, fair, and direct. These skills can be learned, and must be utilized in a termination interview.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills and having the ability to clearly communicate to others in a group setting is an invaluable skill to have.

Stress Management

The purpose of the Stress Management Program is to become more knowledgeable about stress, its impact, and to learn how to better manage it in daily life.

Women in Leadership

Designed to help women leaders understand the forces affecting their careers, use their power more effectively and experience greater self confidence.

Goal Setting

A goal is a way of determining where you are going. It is the “there” that you identify from your vantage point of “here.” Between where you are and where you want to go is an invisible cord; when you stake out and define where it is you want to go, you energize that cord. The promise of your goals are what creates the dynamic tension that pulls you automatically towards their realization.

Overcoming Negativity

One of the key components for Negaholism to take hold is stress. Excessive stress creates a feeling of overwhelm. When you experience overwhelm, it becomes a catalyst for the “Hole in the Soul” syndrome to engage. The “Hole in the Soul” syndrome means that you think, feel, and believe that you are insufficient to meet the challenges that are being presented to you. As the stress increases, the feelings of insufficiency grow exponentially and you feel smaller and smaller.

{It’s no coincidence that the acronym for Transitional Life Coaching is the same as Tender Loving Care as Dr. Chérie is highly fluent in providing both. I’ve had the honor of being coached by her on several occasions (once on Facebook live!) and each time it propelled my quality of life to a level I only dared to imagine. She coaches in a fashion that will make you feel secure, capable, and unconditionally loved and will ask the questions that will help unlock your incredible future.
Kiyomi Griess
{It gives Vitallife Corporation and me a great honor to document our sincere appreciation to the two of you for engineering the Change Process for Vitallife’s key members. You supported both the management and physician team to become more effective professionals. From Early July, 2010 in your interviews with our management to our retreat held in August, In Thailand, we observed a marked improvement in the following areas; positive attitude, customer service, procedure, system, and a willingness to worked effectively as a team. You then initiated follow up conversation with team members that carried us through the first quarter of 2011. The board of Directors and I witnessed the shift from none-responsive and uncooperative to positive, supportive, and engaged team players. This has clear demonstrated your professional skills in managing change, working with challenging staff (especially physicians) as well as dealing with cultural differences, and motivating people to change attitudes and behaviors. What we appreciate the most is the “passion” that you and Michael have development with your Employee Owned Changed: Teambuilding and Customer Service Program in our Vitallife team. The customized approach that you and Michael have extended to our team has resulted in financial growth of 80% net compared to our 2009 performance. The professional development you provide significantly impacted our manager’s attitude and our daily operations became much more efficient. The result was improved customer service in the #1 healthcare provider in Southeast Asia. Once again, we thank you both for the tremendous contribution you have made to us. We are also grateful for the relationship that we have develop with you in successfully achieving Vitallife’s corporate objective in 2010.We we will be pleased to be your official reference to any potential clients in the near future.
Anthony Tan
Thailand Vitallife
{When I book a speaker for The Principal, I always hope they will inspire, educate, or motivate our employees. You did all three with ease – the mark of a true professional!
Deb Curtis
United States of America The Principal Financial Group
{I would like to take a moment to recognize your contribution to me and my respective teams over the last five years. We have collaborated on many projects and your unwavering, loyal support has been important as well as a key factor in the outstanding results we have produced. Your skills and abilities have proven to be extremely successful in results- driven businesses who are constantly challenged. We have both witnessed 300% increases in sales and customer satisfaction. A $150 million business unit has been transformed into the corporation’s #1 Sales & Service operations.
Bob Freinberg
United States of America
{I want to take a moment to personally thank you for all you have done for my organization and me. Your willingness to do whatever is needed and wanted is only surpassed by your outstanding interpersonal skills. It is extraordinary how someone can be such a composite of so many positive qualities and skills, yet amazingly outstanding in every one of them.
Jack Canfield
United States of America Jack Canfield
{On behalf of the Ronald McDonald Charities Program of Greater Las Vegas, I would like to thank you for your presentation at our Western Regional Conference. We were honored to have a speaker of your caliber for our conference and as demonstrated in the surveys we received, our audience felt you were an incredible success. Your words of inspiration and praise of the Ronald McDonald House employees was truly appreciated.
Jo Ann Malone
United States of America Ronald McDonald House Charities
{On behalf of the Sports Club Company, I want to thank you for the brilliant workshop that you conducted with our staff. I am amazed at your ability to interact with a new group; allowing them the freedom to open up and express themselves and their concerns. I am also most appreciative of the way in which you collaborated with me to put a program together based on our needs and desired outcomes. ​We have already seen the benefits and accomplishments of several of our goals as well as greater communication between our managers on the whole. With your help, we have been able to recognize and address many of the areas for improvement along with our positions of strength for taking The Sports Club Company to the next level.
Bill Milham
United States of America The Sports Club Company
{We used Motivation Management Service to help us design and implement programs to help create a coaching culture. Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije taught coaching skills to the partners and to various levels of management. In addition, they also coached 15 of our high potentials. We were pleased with their collaborative style and with the results that were produced with their guidance. Dr. Chérie is an extremely capable master coach and facilitator who helped our staff become even more effective at the execution of their jobs. Her coaching skills are outstanding! We are very grateful for their help.
Kaisri Nuengsigkapian
{I have known Dr. Carter-Scott for nearly 40 years. During that time, our company has done work for her firm, and MMS Institute, LLC has done work for my businesses, Keller & Co, and Keller Business Development Advisory Group. We have had a very satisfactory relationship and I can vouch for the fact that Dr. Carter-Scott, personally, and MMS Institute LLC, professionally, are both reputable and honorable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am happy to provide both a personal and professional reference for Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott and her companies.
David K. Keller, PhD
United States of America Keller Research Institute
Susan Ott
{Dr. Cherie’s personally led MMS Coaching Training had an exceptional impact on my professional development. The teachings and curriculum are deeply rooted in her own diverse career and experiences as an internationally recognized consultant, advisor, and coach. The curriculum design provided comprehensive content, and included useful and accessible provisions of ongoing community support. An important attribute of the MMS Coaching Training was the time that Dr. Chérie and Michael dedicated throughout the training to personally introduce the MMS material, tools, practical advice and role play with us throughout the training. This greatly enhanced our virtual and in person learning environment. For that reason alone I believe the investment in the MMS Coaching Training is returning value tenfold to our organization. The training is affording me an outstanding opportunity to give back both professionally and personally to others. As a final observation I found the Executive Training’s practical advice and perspectives gratifyingly free of gender and professional background. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to go through the MMS program and I can’t thank them enough.
Susan Ott
United States of America eviCore healthcare

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