“Coaching is about making dreams come true.” Two years ago, when I enrolled in the MMS Coach Training program with just one objective: to refresh my coaching skills for the company’s counseling activities, I realized that the value from the program was not just in the skills provided, it also made something significant happen that actually changed my life.

During one of my coaching sessions, my topic was about my struggles in work, life, and with passion, I discovered something. The work was about my financial security, however, it never really fulfilled my life. The lack of fulfillment gave me doubt about how long I could sustain the work without any passion. My coach asked me two powerful questions: “What is your specialization?” and “What would you like  to do about your your dream?” I said, “I want to show my graphic facilitation skills and I want to shine!”

“My dream was to be the live “visual note taker” in a TED talk. I also wanted to have my own graphic facilitation class.” At that time, my coach asked me to draw a  picture of my dreams. At the end of the session, which I thought that was a really great discussion because it made my dream become much clearer. This experience helped me because then I could really SEE what was inside my mind.

A week later, Dr. Chérie came to me and said, “I know someone who organizes TEDx events and if you want, I will introduce you to him.” I thanked her for that offer and I couldn’t believe this conversation actually happened. Could my dream come true this easily, and so soon? A week later, Martin, who runs TEDxChiangMai, contacted me to ask if I was interested in being their visual note taker for the upcoming TEDxChiangMai Talk at the end of 2020. I was stunned.

I couldn’t believe this phone call actually happened. I drew up a TEDxChiangMai event poster and flew to ChiangMai to do four visual  “notes” in the event. This event changed my life.

Since then, I have been their volunteer for creating visual  notes for all TEDxChaingMai talks. The experience totally fulfilled my wish, my passion, and my inspiration. I have progressed to reach the point where I can use my graphic facilitation skills in public to inspire individuals and communities is beyond by comprehension.

I have also had opportunities to develop my graphic facilitation program which I have now delivered. I plan to do it more frequently in the near future.

What I learned from my experience is that coaching is not only about a process or developing a skill. It is about allowing someone to connect to self, heart, and mind in order to discover what they really want in life. Coaching shows people how to bring their floating dream down to Earth and create actions. The real happiness does not just come from the

dream, the true happiness emanates from the delightful results that come from the realization of the dream.

We all have challenges in our lives. That’s a fact. Sometimes, we have to  breakthrough the challenges, fulfill our small dreams in order to make huge delightful significant impacts on large groups of people. This has inspired me to keep moving forward with happiness in my mind, and the belief of miracles in my heart.

Thank you MMS and Dr. Chérie for filling my last three years with joy and  happiness.

Nuttawut Kietchaiyakorn
TEDx Visual Note Documenter Chiang Mai

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