When Fear Speaks Listen…

An Interview With
Dennis Merritt Jones, DD

“So many people wander through life wondering what their purpose
is and how to understand and express it, as if they’re hoping someone
else will show them. What did you do to find your purpose?”

I didn’t “do” anything to find my purpose—it found me. The more I open to
the question, “why am I here—what is mine to do?” the more my purpose
flows effortlessly into the container of my mind and heart. As an Ontologist
(one who studies the principle of Being), my quest for purpose has always
been found in the mystery of the present moment. Purpose is a living,
breathing thing which finds us when we allow it to. The greatest part of the
mystery of living in a human skin lies in the fact that as I spiritually and
emotionally evolve, so too does my sense of purpose.


As I grow, the more clearly I see that my purpose is to “be” the most fully,
creatively expressed, open vessel through which Life finds fulfillment in
every holy instant—irrespective of where I am or what I am doing. This
awareness is a liberating perspective to embrace. One’s purpose is not a
singular point at which we arrive after we’ve finally grabbed that brass ring.
Being “on purpose” is always a present moment experience. As an author,
keynote speaker, and mentor, my purpose finds its way into the cracks and
crevices of daily life. In short, my purpose is expressed not so much by
what I do but by the mindfulness with which I do it; I am always “on
purpose.” It can be the same for each of us. Being an open vessel through
which purpose unfolds is an amazing journey.


“One’s passion is frequently suggested to be the starting point in
finding purpose. By not looking deep enough to find their passion,
they may miss the mark. So tell us, what are you passionate about?”


Passion is defined as “A strong and barely controllable emotion.” What I
have discovered is that passion, without specific direction, can be non-productive—if not destructive.


Passion is energy, and we are all energy
conductors. I have learned how to be the conscious director of my energy
by mindfully watching my mind and the thoughts that arise from it and then
challenging and changing the thoughts and ideas that don’t serve me well
in being who I came here to be. I am passionate about metaphysics, writing
books and blogs, my mentoring clients, keynote speaking, music, the arts,
dogs, horses, and sports.


But, I am most passionate about “relation-ships” and how they can serve as
conscious “vessels” for the evolution of everyone on board. Relationships
are why we have been sent here; it’s how God knows and loves Itself
through us. I am talking about all relationships; from my wife, children,
grandchildren, colleagues, the people who attend my workshops and read
my books, and even strangers I meet daily. Passion, coupled with intention
and mindful breathing, is the energy that tethers us to our oneness with
God, Life and each other. I am passionate about life—about living with high
involvement in the moment irrespective of what I am doing, bringing the
best of mySelf to it, and with a low attachment how it all unfolds. That is
where I find my bliss.


“Throughout life, people’s purpose and role can change as
relationships change, careers change, needs change, etc. This can
be a very difficult transition for some to accept, then to express.
What do you believe your role is at this time of your life?


My role is to be a conscious change agent; to provide a space where
change for good happens in the human condition. I don’t believe we were
placed here on earth by accident or just to be consumers, takers, and users
—but also creators, givers, and contributors. To become conscious and
mindful participants in making the world a better place than it was upon our
arrival here is a universal calling. It has been said that “Many are called—
but few are chosen.” The reality is, we are all being called but few of us can
hear the call over the din of our daily “doing.” If anyone who is reading
these words feels them viscerally—you too are being called. The question
is, are you listening? Life chooses us when we are ready.


“As a ‘conscious change agent’ you must see people who struggle
with transitioning to a new purpose or role. How does fear impact
this change? And how does your new book WHEN FEAR
SPEAKS, LISTEN guide someone facing this crossroads in life?


Upon the completion of every book I’ve ever written, I felt as if that one was
my BEST book. Now, seven books later, I feel the same way about my
most recent book, When Fear Speaks Listen…The 7 Messengers of Fear
(published by DeVorss & Co in 2024). The book came through me and to
the world in only ninety days—and at a very propitious time. Between a
polarized political climate, an uncertain economy, violence in our own
streets, and wars raging worldwide, there has never been a time when Fear
has been more prevalent on our planet.


I believe the purpose of When Fear Speaks…


Listen is to introduce an awareness that we don’t always have to
perceive Fear as our enemy, allowing it to manipulate our emotions and
shape our lives. This book is intimately dear to me because, for the first
forty years of my life, Fear was my greatest nemesis; it controlled me and
how I reacted (rather than responded) to nearly any crisis. Then I learned
to dance with Fear and it became my greatest teacher—and, ultimately, by
listening to the messenger, I learned how to lead the dance.


With the right perspective, we can learn to see Fear as an ally appearing in
our lives at the exact right time with the gift of information we need—not to
just survive but thrive. The only caveat is, rather than running from it or
trying to anesthetize it, we must turn toward Fear, embrace it on the
metaphorical dance floor, and ask it what message it has for us. If we will
listen, we’ll gain the wisdom necessary to transcend it and then we can
send it on its way. I believe all Fear is attached to a concern of death—or
loss—of some sort; and it affects every area of our lives. This book drills
down deeply into the dark void where our greatest Fears linger and sheds
light therein.


“Much has been written about fear and how it affects people. What
might reading your book do for others and their community in
today’s world, where fear is used daily in the media?”


I believe that anyone living in a human skin will identify with When Fear
Speaks…Listen because all God’s children (and creatures) are subject to a
visit from Fear. When equipped with the right information from our
messengers of Fear we can transcend what frightens us and can get on
with what is ours to do—and the world becomes a better place. With this
perspective, Life becomes an amazing sojourn back to the place we never
left; Our oneness with the Wholeness from which we came.


How can people reach you?

Please visit my website www.DennisMerrittJones.com and take time to
explore. Many free downloads, ebooks, and study guides are available for
my books and other services such as keynote speaking and mentoring.

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