Sandy Chen, PhD, PCC
Shanghai, China

In 2020, in the wake of 16 years’ career with several multinational companies including Nike and IKEA, I transitioned to become an independent executive coach, following my inner calling to inspire and empower more people to live out their highest potentials. My last role in the corporate was APAC Sourcing Director at Nike.

For me, midcareer transition is not only a gateway to a new career chapter in life, but also a stimulator to enable self-transformation and self-actualization. There are two types of relationships to explore:
Our relationship with the self – The transition process is “a journey back to the self”, to reflect on how we perceive, believe in and hold ourselves, to discover what we are really passionate about, and what our calling is.
Our relationship with the world – In today’s fast changing environment, how are we going to engage ourselves to dance with uncertainties and make a positive difference? As Dr. Chérie puts it, “When we are at one with the world, we are connected with boundless love and endless possibilities.”

In 2021, I completed my PhD program in Organizational Development & Change with the dissertation topic of “Self-Actualization in Midcareer Transition: Multinational Corporation Executives in China.” Research findings are summarized based on interviews with 15 participants. It shows that a truly self-actualizing life is one that offers freedom to pursue what people are truly passionate about, creates the opportunity to realize people’s highest potentials and foster their growth, reflects a higher purpose than personal accomplishment, enables positive meaningful impact to the world, brings inner peace and happiness, and allows people to have deeper connections with themselves, and with others.

In 2022, I enrolled myself into MMS Level 3 Certification program, which has been a truly transformational learning experience for me.
I learned to live from the inside out. Being my authentic self helps me tap into my inner abundance and expand my positive vibrations.
I learned to differentiate between Decision and Choice, to be bold enough to declare the “I want” statement to the universe, to be committed to my choices, and be courageous enough to take the risk to pursue my dream.

I learned to continuously train my physical muscles, mental muscles, and emotional muscles, claim my inner power and support others.
I love what Dr. Chérie says, “The way you hold yourself creates a vibration that sends a message to the world about who you are, what you deserve, and how you should be treated.”

During the MMS 50th anniversary event in Krabi this March, I had the privilege to experience the presence of our “Mother of Coaching” in person, and feel the “vibration” she sends out with incredible impact.

From this June, I am entering the fifth year of my career transition. My journey of climbing the second mountain continues. Starting from zero, I have so far coached over 200 clients, including many C-suite executives.

Who we are is how we coach. I keep in mind what I have learned from MMS: “When you live the process, you encourage, empower, and enkindle joy in others, aligning them with their true essence and values.”

Since MMS TECC 4th cohort, I have been serving as Mentor Coach for this program. So far, I have supported over 40 participants in their journey to elevating their coaching skills.

Meanwhile, I took the assignment to translate the 1500+ TECC slides into Chinese. I’m thrilled to witness the successful launch of the first Chinese language cohort of TECC in Shanghai this March!

As Deputy Chair of APAC2022 International Coaching Conference, I gave my 100% to organize this legendary event, which boasts the most participants in the history of APAC. The conference has been acclaimed as a huge success with world-class speakers, excellent choice of topics and convincing delivery of content. Dr. Chérie was one of our distinguished speakers at this conference as well!

In my personal life, I am a curious and courageous person eager to explore the unknown and to take new adventures. In year 2021, before my 40th birthday, I challenged myself to join a national fitness competition the first time ever in my life. With 45 days’ intensive training, I eventually won 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. I used self-coaching to empower myself throughout the entire process. I turned my fear into power, turned my self-doubt into brave actions, and I have proved that “If you have a body, you are an athlete!” When you have a dream, set a clear goal, visualize it, believe it, make conscious efforts, and when you fully immerse yourself in the journey, magic will happen!

My very recent activities, I am leading Dr. Chérie’s Book Club in China and Post-TECC Mentor Coaching Program.
With the sincere wish that more people will benefit from Dr. Chérie’s remarkable wisdom, charisma and experience as revealed in her books, I took the initiative to run the first official Dr. Chérie Book Club in April. This program will last 12 months, covering 12 of Dr. Chérie’s classic titles.

The Post-TECC Mentor Coaching Program aims to support the continuous growth and development of TECC graduates refreshing their TECC learnings, elevating their coaching skills and presence as a real and battle-tested practitioner by illuminating blind-spots and revealing stuck areas.
I deeply appreciate the encouragement, guidance, and unconditional support from Dr. Chérie and Michael for these two programs.

It is my commitment to become a living example of coaching mastery. I will continue my self-transformational journey from having, doing, being, to becoming.

As the Chinese Sage Lao Zi stated:
“The Supreme Goodness is like Water.
It benefits all things without contention.
In dwelling, it stays grounded.
In being, it flows to depth.
In expression, it is honest.
In confrontation, it stays gentle.
In governance, it does not control.
In action, it aligns to timing.
It is content with its nature. Therefore cannot be faulted.”

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