The Interior World of Michael Pomije, MCC

As a child, my passion for photography ignited a desire to capture the world through my simple camera.

As I entered my high school years, I seized the opportunity to become an official photographer for our school yearbook. I immersed myself in the world of capturing countless images of classmates, candid and unforgettable moments.

It was an honor to see my photographs in our yearbook where they became timeless memories that would last a lifetime. This early experience laid the foundation for my lifelong journey in the “world of (visual) storytelling.”

My Passion for Storytelling Continued…
“For two decades, I cherished the unique privilege of serving as an international lecture agent, a career that defined me as an international storyteller, and enabled me to support inspiration and education from educational icons.

I cultivated a keen talent for identifying those possessing extraordinary qualities and I came to a deep appreciation of the intricate dynamics of the professional speaking world, ensuring a flawless experience for everyone involved.

“During my journey as an international lecture agent, I had the honor of working with unique, noteworthy, and extraordinary storytellers. One experience that stands out is my partnership with Captain Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon.

I vividly remembering the event when I personally escorted him to the stage. As we walked down the aisle together, the room mysterious gloom, like the dark side of the moon, mirroring the vast expanse of space that Armstrong had once traversed. The stirring images of Apollo 11 lifting off played out on the video-wall, intensifying the atmosphere of secrecy and anticipation.

As we reached the podium, I carefully positioned Captain Armstrong, ready for his spotlight moment. As the lights gradually brightened, the audience gasped in the realization that the man standing before them was the very first human to leave his footprints on the lunar surface.

I can still feel the excitement, the awe, and the profound respect that surged through the room that day. It was a historic moment that brought me face-to-face with making a difference, underscoring the significance of my role in connecting such extraordinary individuals who walk the Earth.

Continuing on this client journey, I boarded a private jet, to escort Magic Johnson – the US basketball superstar transformed into empowering entrepreneur. It was a bustling event filled with aspiring entrepreneurs. He shared his journey from a humble middle-class beginning to a multimillionaire inspiring with his storytelling by uplifting and igniting the passion to make the world a better place for everyone. His commitment to uplifting minority neighborhoods, forging possibilities to the big league, and nurturing the dream of urban areas shaped his legacy. As the jet landed, our black limo sedan was waiting for us to swiftly take us to the private facility. I could feel the anticipation of these entrepreneurs eager to be inspired by this true super-hero!

My partnerships have included esteemed statesmen, such as former US Presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, navigating the intricate narratives of their political leadership and public service. My proud association with the transformative luminary, Dr. Maya Angelou, underscores my commitment to promoting diverse narratives and visionaries.

It is this passion that drove me to offer a platform to extraordinary individuals, allowing them the opportunity to share their life’s experiences, their gracious wisdom, and their memorable stories. It is these unforgettable experiences that resonate with the rich tapestry of the human experience, inspiring us all to perceive the world in fresh, new enlightening ways, and consider making new indelible footprints in our own lives through taking risks.

As an agent, my fundamental purpose has always been to create transformative experiences. I am committed to crafting magical moments that weave incredible stories, designed to inspire greatness in everyone who witnesses them.

These was the time I was at a crossroad, overwhelmed with confusion and doubt about the direction of my journey, meeting Dr. Cherie felt like a divine intervention. Her words were the encouragement in my uncertainty, a magical moment when she said, ‘You can design the life you want.’ Inspired by this powerful message, I felt a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, driven by the belief that with faith and determination, I can indeed shape my own destiny. It was time to get to work!

Growing up dyslexic has been a lifelong journey, yet it has taught me that there are numerous ways to improve at reading and spelling. My intelligence isn’t measured by how quickly I can decipher words, but by how persistently I tackle challenges. With a little extra time and plenty of patience, I’ve learned to excel in many areas of my life. My experience proves that with understanding and determination, we can surpass any obstacles and achieve great success.

And this led me to coaching—a profound tool for empowerment. It resonated deeply with my ambitions, guiding me toward my next step as an MMS and ICF Coach.

Coaching has not only allowed me to assist others but has also led me to uncover invaluable lessons from my own life. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of experiences, I engage with a sense of curiosity, empowering our students and my clients to unearth their own profound insights of self-discovery, revealing my passion for helping others share their stories, overcome their challenges, and transform their lives.

In a moment of clarity, I realized my calling: to teach and coach from my ongoing journey of discovery and learning. Embracing a ‘Growth Mindset,’ I recognize that my continuous learning and growth enrich not only my own life, but also empowered me to inspire and drive change in others.

Discovering what I was born to do!
As a Master Certified Coach, I serve as a guide specializing in assisting my clients unearthing their authentic stories, uncovering the threads that weave the fabric of their aspirations, obstacles, and significant achievements.

Every goal marks a new chapter in the story of one’s life. In partnership with my clients, we explore these complex narratives, working together to unravel the threads of self-doubt and apprehension.

Together, we illuminate these intertwined narratives, simplifying complexity to distill a clear, actionable plan that resonates with each client’s core values and aspirations.

It’s about embarking on a journey of rediscovery, reshaping personal narratives, and courageously rewriting their stories for a transformative future.”

Whether it’s a quest for professional advancement or a personal journey towards greater self-confidence, I facilitate a process of deconstruction, untying the knotty intersections of fear, doubt, and past experiences that often hinder progress.

In essence, each step taken has written a new line in one’s life’s script. — I empower them to become the confident authors of their own life journeys.”

From my early days as a high school photographer capturing moments, to an international lecture agent showcasing storytelling and influencing narratives, and now having evolved into an ICF Master Certified Coach shaping authentic stories, my life journey has been about uncovering the power of the individual voice.

This transformative journey hasn’t been about reaching a destination, but rather embarking on an enlightening exploration of personal storytelling and retelling – a testament to the evolving art of personal transformation.”

This has been, and will always remain, my heartfelt calling.

Michael A. Pomije,
ICF, Master Certified Coach
MMS TECC Educator

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