Roland Haas Shared His Story as a Coaching Student


Years after my CT, 1990 in Santa Barbara – Michael A. Pomije, MCC was one of my classmates – I was asked to support some young professors at ETH Zurich, creating new educational formats for students working on open challenges in teams. This was what I missed dearly when I studied. The message was a huge YES. Soon I realized the bottlenecks were teaching assistants, Ph.D. students, and postdocs guiding and supporting these student teams. They were excellent tutors and graders, but coaching skills were largely unknown. Here I jumped in creating the training “coaching students” based on my CT skills.



With up to 40 coaches per class, often we hear: “At ETH there is no other training, showing us what team coaching is. A unique experience for us, very useful for our professional life as scientist or engineer”. 2016, I was part of the team winning the award for the most innovative educational product at ETH Zurich. This was possible by connecting my disappointment about my own time as a student with my skills learned at INW and CT as a participant and as a facilitator. MMS, I am so thankful.

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