MMS Transformational Executive Coach Certification Program

Level 1 (ACC), Level 2 (PCC) and Level 2b (ACC to PCC)

March 8, 2024 – July 20, 2024
Virtual program delivery on Zoom


For Leaders and Professionals
Striving to Achieve in a Post-Covid World

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Program Information

Program Dates:

March 8th, 2024 – July 20th, 2024

Program Time:

Friday @ 3:45 pm (CST)
Saturday @ 1:45 pm (CST)

Program Venue:

Virtual program delivery on Zoom








Level 1 and Level 2

Why Coaching Certification

Globally executive and business coaching has soared to become a $10-billion industry thanks to waves of uncertainties and disruption precipitated by rapid development in technology, rise of millennium workforce, globalization and rise of China. With command-and-control management style giving way to highly participative and empowering leadership, and best-known-methods to agile and adaptive learning, coaching will continue to gain appeal because it works for a VUCA world, intensified only by the 2020 Covid pandemic: Coaching deals with employee engagement, growth, creativity and achievement by removing roadblocks to development and performance as no other development tool.

In this context of coaching skills being a new currency for the 21st century workforce and a coaching approach or culture far transcending the needs of executives, coaching has been rated the top desired skill for front-line managers (Chief Learning Officer Magazine), and the demand for trained coaches operating both internally and externally has fueled the need for coaching certification programs. In the US alone, there are more than 200 coach certification programs, which helps make becoming a certified coach one of the most popular career shifts in the last decade.

When executed properly, coaching provides greater intrinsic motivation, in other words, inspiring the self-directed willingness to try new things and make new discoveries. According to McKinsey, when employees find greater intrinsic motivation, they are 32% more committed to their work and 46% more satisfied with their jobs.

Program Schedule

TECC #8 Schedule 2024

4 Reasons for Attending

In order to support ongoing learning and interaction among TECC participants, we have set up a WeChat group for TECC alumni network for continued peer-group support and networking.

Transformative Intention and Design

Our TECC is designed to be transformative instead of transactional so we can confidently give clients a reason for why us and deliver a superior participant experience through combining research in adult learning, decades of experience in having helped thousands of successful leaders and teams, and embodiment of coaching principles we teach.

“Best-in-Class” Trainer Caliber and Experience

Our lead trainer, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, is one of the world’ s most-respected coaching pioneers, an ICF MCC and a NYT-bestselling author, who sort of invented coach training in 1974. Up till today she has led over 160 ACTP and ACSTH programs in North America, Europe and APAC.

Highest Standards and Superior Participant Value

Our TECC is a Level 2 program, standing out for its longest industry history of excellence and value, which is attested by raving participant reviews as quoted in this flyer. In addition, we have carefully developed our brand that is accessible through our programs, websites, books and YouTube, and the famous MindSpan coach network serving 4500+ global/local clients including 137 Fortune 500 companies.

Amazing Participant Quality and Alumni Support

Past TECC programs boast senior executive and manager participants from a host of top-tier companies including Microsoft, Deloitte, Disney, Starbucks, Honeywell, DuPont, Philips, MasterCard, Unilever, Alibaba, Caterpillar, McCann Health, WPP, GE, Baxter, General Mills, Aon, Novo Nordisk, Intersport, E&Y, Didi Chuxing, Baidu and Spreadtrum.

Learning to coach is like swimming upstream against the current. Our world is full of experts, authorities, advisors, and mentors. Learning to coach from the “inside out” means that you access your authentic self, transcend your ego, and become a partner in service to your clients. MMS Worldwide Institute offers the TECC course with elegance, scientific documentation, and support every step along the way. When you choose this course you choose the original, the oldest training for coaches, and the best!

Karel Bakkes

Partner, Deloitte Southeast Asia

Chérie Carter-Scott works from a place of deep empathy and understanding of the business context. The MMS Coach Training is one of the most empowering experiences I have been through in my life: it freed me from limiting mindsets and opened up potential in me that I had been unconscious about up to that moment. It created a foundation for trusting the inner knowing that had been guiding me ever since.  Chérie is masterful and transformational coach – she is wholly committed to serving the growth of others and is a champion in calling forth that growth.

Marc Padberg

Former BCG Consultant, Co-Founder and Affiliate Partner, Aberkyn, Part of McKinsey

Learning to coach is like swimming upstream against the current. Our world is full of experts, authorities, advisors, and mentors. Learning to coach from the “inside out” means that you access your authentic self, transcend your ego, and become a partner in service to your clients. MMS Worldwide Institute offers the TECC course with elegance, scientific documentation, and support every step along the way. When you choose this course you choose the original, the oldest training for coaches, and the best!

Amelia Zhou

Former Global HR VP, Philips Domestic Appliances

An important attribute of the MMS Coaching Training was the time that Dr. Chérie and Michael dedicated throughout the training to personally introducing the MMS material, tools, practical advice, and role play with us throughout the training. This greatly enhanced our virtual and in-person learning environment. For that reason alone I believe that investment in the MMS Coaching Training is returning value tenfold to our organization. The training is affording me an outstanding opportunity to give back both professionally and personally to others. 

Susan Ott

SVP, Growth & Marketing,

Who Should Attend

  • C-Suite executives, VPs/GMs, and retired senior executives
  • HRVP/HRDs in global and local companies
  • Entrepreneurs, OD professionals, management consultants, trainers, facilitators, counselors and psychologists
  • People who are passionate about supporting the personal development and success of others and building a coaching culture
  • At least 15 years corporate/professional experience with leading organizations or solid credentials

Program Overview

Our TECC is a 4-month intensive virtual Level 2 program

This program teaches masterful executive coaching, using the original MMS coaching methodology, coupled with the ICF Core Competencies, with the addition of the executive coaching context/framework.

The approach is based on these 3 key assumptions:

People have an “Inner Knowing” regarding what is right for them

People possess the inner resources to manifest what they want in their lives

People and organizations can have their lives be the way they truly want them

Our TECC provides over 125 ICF-accredited training hours and presents 2 times a week in 3-hour modules.

The hours are on Friday and Saturday afternoons, between 3:45-7:00 on Fridays, and 1:45-5:00 on Saturdays, both China time. There are also 10 mentoring sessions included (7 in group setting and 3 individual), along with a 3-month subscription to the MMS Virtual Training with additional coaching videos by Dr. Carter-Scott. Supporting documents and videos will be accessible on our e-learning platform.

Our TECC consists of 2 modalities that promise flexibility in learning and getting credentialed:

Level 1 (ACSTH) is a 60-hour training for those who want to learn the basics of coaching, (and 10 hours of mentoring). After this training and the completion of 100 coaching hours, the candidate is then eligible to take the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment) Exam in order to receive their Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Level 2 (ACTP) is a 125-hour training that goes deeper into the coaching core competencies. After this training and the completion of 400 additional coaching hours, and 10 additional hours of mentoring, the candidate is then eligible to apply for Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Following completion of our TECC Level 2 program, you will be further supported by our coaching credentialed faculty. Since our experienced faculty have successfully navigated through these stages, they will be able to mentor you to your competency as an Associate, Professional, or even a Master Coach (2,500 hours of coaching, 200 hours of training, and 10 additional mentoring hours).

Watch Dr. Chérie Talking About Coaching

Program Content

What Drives the Growth of Coaching Industry?

Transforming power of 3 rises: Internet and technology, Gen-Y, Millennials, and China

World-wide engagement challenge and call for empowerment

Coaching leads to better performance/results

Shifts in adult learning: from knowing to doing and inspiring

Why coaching works

MMS methodology

What Coaching Is and Is Not?

What coaching is and is not

Coaching IS NOT for everyone

When to refer a client

How Does Coaching Work?

Power of self-awareness and feedback

Structure, flow, and being present

Neuroscience & coaching

Brain waves impact on human behaviors

History of Coaching

History of coaching

Development and future of executive coaching

Different Coaching Genres

Personal/life, parent and relationship coaching

Leadership and executive coaching

Organizational coaching module

Performance coaching

Business coaching

Coaching Qualities

ICF 8 core competencies

ICF ethical guidelines

ICF requirements

Coach qualities and qualifications

Coaching Skills

Trust, safety, permission and feelings

Authenticity and building trust

5 Levels of communication

Deep listening

Powerful questioning


Mindful executive presence

Story-telling and identity


The role of reflection

The importance of goals/objectives

Chemistry check

Dialogue-structured conversation


Cleaning the vessel

Team coaching and group coaching

Journey to mastery

Coaching for transitions

Coaching for change and transformation

Coaching Areas for Individuals and Organizations

Self-awareness and personal leadership

Team alignment and development

Executive presence

Cross-cultural fluency


What is organizational change management (OCM) and what causes OCM?

5 Essentials

Content vs Process

“Why” objection

Models and roles

Triangle of human needs

Anatomy of resistance

Coaching culture wave and success stories

Coaching millennials

Challenge and opportunity with taking coaching to Chinese companies

Company culture’ s impact on coaching effectiveness

Internal vs. external coaches

Coaching Models and Tools

Pre- and post-coaching stakeholder interviews

Who determines stakeholders?

GROW model

Should vs. Want Model

Employee-owned change/EOC model

MFB model

QAQ flow model

ABL life conditions

6 most influential methods that have contributed to coaching

MMS coaching structure

Coaching Process

Creating the context for coaching

Increase awareness, purposes and action

Coach/Client relationship

Stakeholder involvement

Goal-setting and alignment

Creating and keeping momentum

Program and session durations

Interim and final reviews

Validation of improvements/ROI assessment

Sample 1:1 coaching structure, session notes and final report

Personal Branding as a Coach

How do people perceive you as a person and a coach?

Your area of invested expertise

Your vision as a coach and your role model

Homework of developing your being and centeredness

Ongoing development as a coach

Coach supervision

Forming your own coaching circle

Recommended readings and other resources

Life after MMS program

Program Fees and Discounts

MMS will launch TECC-6 with Level 1 – 66 hours, Level 2 – 127 hours, and Level 2b – 65 hours

ICF Credential Badges ACC Level
ICF Credential Badges PCC Level

MMS Coach Trainers

 Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

Master Certified Coach and Lead Trainer

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, known around the world as “The Mother of Coaching,” is an ICF MCC, founder of MMS, and a New York Times #1 bestselling author, and holds a Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Development. In the last 5 decades, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, and coaches through meaningful life and career transitions. Her focus is on restoring emotional safety and balance so her clients can discover their inner fulfillment and happiness. By guiding clients through life’s challenges, she helps them construct their roadmap through setbacks, uncertainty, and myriad possibilities to build their foundation for self-confidence and happiness.

Chérie has written 18 books, including NYT #1 Bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. Her clients have included Microsoft, Ford, BCG, Cigna, IBM, American Express, KPMG, Chevron, DHL, Estee Lauder, Burger King, and dozens more. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, CNN, and more than 400 radio, TV, print media, and internet exposures worldwide.

 Michael A. Pomije, MCC

Michael A. Pomije, MCC

MMC Coach Trainer and Mentor

Michael A. Pomije, MCC is the Global Director for business negotiations with MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC (2000) and the Managing Director for Motivation Coaching Service, Ltd in Thailand since 2013. Dir. Cherie and Michael are the educators for the global MMS TECC ACTP and ACSTH training. Michael has been training, coaching, and facilitating programs for over 20 years and delivers accredited training through ICF at the highest level. He is also an ICF Mentor for his clients that want to move from an ACC to PCC status. Coach Michael believes that through coaching and training, people can learn how to transform themselves into powerful individuals, discover their passion, and maintain balance in their personal and professional lives. He brings a wealth of experience to his coaching practice to support executives in their management roles, performance and team coaching, work-life balance, and time management.

Michael has trusted the coaching process for many years and his purpose is to share his energy, empathy, kindness, and communication skills in creating long-lasting and authentic relationships with his clients and all MMS students.

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