In 2020 I participated in the Transformational Executive Coach Certification program. I started this training to follow my passion and become an ICF certified coach. During the training I discovered that it was more than just learning coaching skills.

I experienced the training as a journey that I took together with the group of students who followed the training with me.

During this journey I have grown as a person, it transformed me in a positional way. The way Dr. Chérie and Michael sharing their experience with us was extremely effective, after each module I learned more about the coaching profession, but especially about myself.

I would initially follow the training face to face, but due to the Covid pandemic, the program has been converted to a virtual training,

I must confess that I had my reservations about this change during the start of the training. But dr. Chérie and Michael have proven otherwise. During each lesson it was as if I was there with the group, they created an environment with their approach “bubble” in which we followed the lessons as a group, as it were closed off from the outside world as we were connected.

This program has transformed me into a more complete person, an enhanced version of myself.

After completing the training, you supported and helped me where you could!

Thanks Dr. Cherie, Michael and the MMS team! You have made it possible for me to grow, develop myself, and start my new career!

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