Oh those feelings upon my MMS graduation! Those feelings of confidence, power and knowing! Such a contrast to the feelings I had when I started my MMS Coach Training. In fact, I was a bit lost. Just divorced, no job, single mum of three teenage kids, new fragile relationship. And I had no clue where to start my job hunting. One thing I knew: this MMS Coach Training would help me to get my life back on track and redefine my career. I had formulated clear objectives and I had only three months in which to achieve them. But…. I trusted the process and it worked! Thanks to Lynn, Manon, Wendy, Michael (those nice anger sessions in the woods) and of course Cherie who was my personal coach during my training. At the end of the training I made a declaration to the group: my mission, my truth and my future work path. I knew! And it did pay off. Within three months I found the job exactly how I described it. My new relationship started to flourish and my kids settled into themselves better. They however, had to get used to my questions: what’s the feeling? Because apart from my own journey, I learned how to coach, ask questions, and listen. I strongly recommend this training and I’m confident MMS can help you!

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