We are the original and oldest Coach Training on Earth!

MMS Worldwide Institute is the Original Coach Training.

With a 49+ year track record of successfully training coaches, managing change projects, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and coaching C-suite executives through successful careers, MMS Worldwide Institute is a pioneer in the field of human development. Launched in America in 1974 by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, then in 1988 in The Netherlands, and then in 2012 in Thailand.

MMS has demonstrated vision, professionalism, integrity, constancy, with a profound “wholistic” approach to executive development, that includes all functional people in any profession. With longevity, experience, and responsiveness, MMS has conducted global, multi-cultural facilitation, and professional development programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, coaches, and all people who want to align who they are with what they do.


For Organizations

When you want to improve or grow your business, strengthen your team or explore new possibilities!

For Coaches

When you want to become a certified ICF MMS coach, a program trainer, or obtain your CCE’s.

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We offer individual coaching, personal development & corporate workshops, books and online courses.

Thank you, Michael and Dr. Cherie, for all the great teachings along the way. It has been a transformational experience for me and has made me a better person and a better coach/mentor. My only regret is that I didn’t discover coaching and MMS/Mindspan much earlier in my career.

Michael Lee

MMS Graduating Coach

I believe that the lessons and tools provided during the MMS Coach Training are so practical that they can be applied to all everyday situations. They are so powerful that they can actually make a difference. I do not see a more profound, fast, and effective way to help a coachee.

Marc Padberg

Hub Leader, Middle East, Aberkyn

Dr. Chérie’s personally led MMS Coaching Training and had an exceptional impact on my professional development. The teachings and curriculum are deeply rooted in her own diverse career and experiences as an internationally-recognized consultant, advisor, and coach. The curriculum design provided comprehensive content, and included useful and accessible provisions of ongoing community support.

Susan Ott

SVP, Growth & Marketing, eviCore.com

I signed up for the MMS coach training program. During the training, I became more and more aware that I was changing from within. I have begun to embrace the unknown possibilities and built up more positive energy around me. Dr. Chérie is the most knowledgeable pacesetter in coaching and coach training. I am glad to know that she is going to lead the TECC from China/Asia. A learning program led by her will be a journey of faith, trust, and love.

Amelia Zhou

Former Global HR VP, Philips Domestic Appliances

Why Choose MMS?

We are the original and oldest Coach Training on Earth!

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC founded MMS in 1974 and we’ve been training and coaching ever since!

We invest in the time to make our training world class!

We provide our students with the finest, most experienced faculty who combine head, heart, gut, and spirit!

We positively impact a worldwide audience

Our training programs and coaches are available around the global and in a variety of languages.

We support you to become ICF certified!

100% of our graduates pass the ICF CKA Exam and we offer support with next steps after you graduate.

MMS ICF Transformational Executive Coach Certification Training

Learn how to help people find their own inner truth, embrace it and get the blocks out of the way to make the seemingly impossible happen! We teach you the art of asking powerful questions, and supporting your clients in making their visions, goals, and dreams become a reality!

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A coach helps you in finding your own answer. They help you find your own inner truth, embrace it, get the obstacles out of the way and make the seemingly impossible happen!

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