Our Story

Since 1974, MMS has been actively developing cutting edge programs and trainings for corporations, CEO’s, business owners, and individuals to achieve optimal success, and make their visions, dreams, and goals a reality. In order to do this, we’ve formulated strategies and streamlined techniques that transcend expectations and guarantee results. Over the course of 40 years, MMS has trained more than 1,000 associated MMS certified coaches across the globe, in 24 countries, on five continents. In 1988 our programs crossed the ocean and became available in the Netherlands.

Our Mission and Values

MMS inspires and guides people to discover their authentic selves, to connect with and respect others, to work and live in a productive, focused, harmonious, and respectful manner.

The MMS Worldwide Institute is a value-driven global organization that operates on three continents and works with all facets of the individual. MMS combines many seemingly paradoxical elements such as the practical and the metaphysical, the rational and the intuitive, the strategic and the systemic, along with the simple and yet complex.

Personal and targeted approach

What does The MMS Worldwide Institute stand for?

Motivation: Spark of passion or drive.

Management: Focusing that passion on execution.

Service: Making that vision become reality.

Institute: An organisation founded to help leaders and individuals live fulfilled lives.

Our Philosophy

When you are free to choose the life you want to live—that includes: your profession, your life partner, your home, your lifestyle, and all aspects of your health—the MMS team of experienced and professional coaches facilitate you in discovering what you want, formulating your strategy, and manifesting your visions, dreams, and goals.

Our Assumptions
  1. People have their own answers within themselves
  2. People possess the power to manifest their answers
  3. People can have their lives be the way they want them to be
The MMS Methodology
  • Socratic method of questioning
  • Unconditional support, a judgement free environment
  • Skilled listening and relationship building techniques
  • Facilitating differences to achieve win-win outcomes

Who We Are

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott

Master Certified Coach - MMS Director of Training and CEO

Michael A. Pomije

Michael A. Pomije

Master Certified Coach - MMS Director of Training

Lynn U. Stewart

Lynn U. Stewart

Master Certified Coach - MMS Worldwide Director

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