MMS Coach Licensing

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own organization, creating community, and building your network around supporting people in making their visions, dreams, and goals become reality, this is the time to make that dream come true!

With a successful track record (since 1974) of successfully training coaches worldwide, plus managing change in Multi-national corporations, and conducting public trainings, workshops and seminars in US, Europe, and Asia, MMS has demonstrated commitment, agility, and resilience. We are committed to excellence, unlimited possibilities, and client satisfaction.

With our founder, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Master Certified Coach, leading the way since 1974, we have “The Mother of Coaching” at the helm. Dr. Cherie is not only a successful global entrepreneur, a #1 NYT bestselling author in 40 languages (19 titles) a media personality who has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, (and dozens of others), she is the curriculum designer who has made our original programs nimble enough to be presented in more than 30 countries. She is a featured coach in LEAP, the first coaching documentary film; she is the composer, lyricist and co-writer, for The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life! musical. With Dr. Cherie guiding the MMS organization, our brand, along with our impeccable reputation, and dedication to excellence, our notoriety has spread steadily across the globe.

MMS empowers passionate, purposeful pioneers to bring our MMS work, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), to every corner of the world.

MMS has remained ahead of the curve maintaining its pure essence, while integrating technology (IT) with the critical interpersonal (EQ) skills required for any change management initiative. Our approach has demonstrated success in mergers, acquisitions, expansion, reorganization, and reinvention. In every project we start with our MMS four essential pillars:



for positive change



to do what is required



that the vision is possible to realize



to completing the mission successfully

MMS honors our core values: accountability, alignment, authenticity, choice, collaboration, communication, community, honesty, integrity, quality, respect, responsibility, trust, and willingness. MMS encourages these principles, we teach others how to embody them, and we do our very best to lead by example.

Steps to Become an MMS Licensee

  • Online interview process with Director Michael regarding licensing, credentialing, timeframes, calendars, teams, logistics, and agreements.
  • After the interview you will complete the Licensing Questionnaire and see if we go forward and determine next steps
  • Participate in an online MMS Master Class – Train the Trainer
  • Invite an MMS leader to present the course in your area so you can learn on-the-job, and videotape their presentation
  • Living Life as a Coach and Building Your Coaching Community – enrollment skills
  • Create and launch your marketing plan, by leveraging the MMS global brand — a proven track record.
  • Discuss financial investment
  • Celebrate success and acknowledge the learnings!


Read to what our current licensee have to say about the MMS Worldwide Institute.

“Becoming MMS Licensee in Vietnam is one of the smartest choices I have in my life. Since our first MMS Coach Training program in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in 2015, there have been 120 coaches (updated 2020) who are properly and officially trained by the best coaches in the world from MMS: Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Coach Michael Pomije and coach Lynn U. Stewart. We have hundreds of books by Dr Chérie. We have had 9 programs with MMS (and counting). Throughout our partnership, my company LCV has been trained and mentored by MMS, producing significant results not only in business but also our individual personal lives. We have grown at pace we could never have imagined. We trained 70% of the ACCs in our country. We are loved and blessed by our clients, both individuals and corporates. We are at the top of people’s minds when anyone mentions "coaching." We have become the best coaching organization in Vietnam!”

Doan Huynh Van Anh
Doan Huynh Van Anh, PCC
LCV Licensing Partners since 2015

"The MMS Coach Training had a transformational impact on my life. It started a huge process for me where I discovered my purpose, my passion and my power. What fascinates me is that MMS does not only train excellent coaches but empowers individuals to discover the best version of themselves. And when these individuals become a brilliant coach, they lift up their clients to uncover their purpose, potential, passion and power- that is exactly what I experienced personally and witnessed many others. I am proud that now I can be part of this beautiful family and extend its amazing impact that creates a profound ripple effect in the world.”

Verda Sisman-FaberVerda Sisman-Faber
MMS Coach Training Netherlands
Licensing Partner since 2020

“We lead the Inner Negotiation Workshop in The Netherlands. It is a process that we have experienced, that we believe in, and have witnessed transformation that is beyond our imagination. We are pleased and honored to be conducting this program in the Netherlands and want to share it with everyone who wants to connect with their deepest, truest, and most authentic selves.”

Bartjeroen van der VeenBartjeroen van der Veen
Inner Negotiation Workshop Netherlands
Licensing Partners since 2019

“We are thrilled and honored to be licensees of The MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC. This work has enriched our life in so many beautiful ways. Being a licensee keeps us engaged in the work and gives us the opportunity to share it with others. It’s an honor to continue to train and enrich people’s lives with Dr. Chérie’s MMS work that enables her to fulfill her life’s purpose. We feel completely supported by the staff and, of course, Dr. Chérie, Michael, and Lynn. They have been by our side encouraging us on our journey to bring the ACSTH MMS Coach Training and the Inner Negotiation Workshop back to our Northern California community, where it started. They have shared all the training materials and have been extremely generous with their wisdom and time."

Lindsey TailorLindsey Tailor, PCC
MMS Northern California
Licensing Partners since 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the licensing program?

With over four decades of experience in motivating and coaching others, we are pleased to present for the first time an opportunity to our friends, associates, and neighbors worldwide. MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC. offers an innovative licensing program where qualified individuals learn the intricacies of Dr. Cherie’s work and teaching methods. In addition, they will obtain a license to conduct the seminars and workshops with those in their region. By learning how to inspire and motivate others, licensees will help empower, engage, and enlighten worldwide.

The licensing program is for those who want to be part of an international network, lead programs created by Dr. Chérie, and develop their own training and development firm. The Licensing Program is for those who wants to expand their scope to include workshops and seminars that have a 47-year track record of success.

Have licensing prices been established for each licensing option?

Pricing will vary with the size of each territory, the programs selected, the timeframe, and the priveleges granted under the license. You can inquire about licensing at

What is being licensed?

First and foremost is our MMS Transformational Executive Certified Coach Training program, either in the 60-hour format or in the 125-hour format. This is our most popular program globally, and one that we have developed to be user-friendly. In addition, we have categorized all of our licensing opportunities into six general categories. For each of these options, there are a variety of seminar, workshop, and book choices that are available. You may license one seminar, or several.

Will there be regions or territories assigned?

Yes. Licensees will be granted a right to offer trainings, seminars, and workshops in a geographic area in which they have a presence, a network, and specific expertise. In addition, online programs are also offered.

What previous experience is required?

You need to have a functional network, entrepreneurial knowledge and desire to be a trainer for a corporation. If you have the drive, willingness, and time to devote to promoting, producing, and presenting programs of the highest quality. Dr. Chérie, Michael and their team of experts will be working with you and your organization on an individual level to ensure that you are proficient in the content being licensed. We do have Zoom recordings that are used to study the way to deliver our MMS TECC Coach Training.

What is the process?
  1. Review the list of licensing options here.
  2. Review our website
  3. Complete the Licensing application form online to the best of your ability.
  4. Michael Pomije will review it and contact you to discuss licensing options. 
Once I am granted a license, how quickly can I get started?

You can start immediately! Fill out the online application form to apply. Then make contact with Michael Pomije, Global Director.

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