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Become a “confident” MMS ICF Certified Coach through our global organization, MMS Worldwide Institute, the original and oldest coaching institute on the planet!

MMS Global Transformational Executive Coach Training (TECC) is an ICF accredited program that has been training coaches worldwide since 1974. Now is your opportunity to be trained by the “Mother of Coaching,” Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC and her coach mentor trainers to gain the brilliant coaching skills and personal development required to become an ICF PPC certified coach.

In the comfort of your home or office, you get to experience the best Coach Training, with no wear and tear, no travel costs, no hotel costs, and no time away from your family! For the first time ever, we bring Dr. Cherie and her world-class training to you!

If you have ever considered becoming trained and certified by the Best of the best, this is your opportunity! Seize it now!

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC & Michael A. Pomije, MCC  will deliver the MMS TECC Level 1, Level 2 and Level2b Coach Training together with their brilliant team of coaches and mentors.

Vision and Goals of the program:

The twelve-week intensive in-person program teaches coaching from the inside-out, using the original and oldest MMS coaching method.  The approach is based on these three key assumptions:

People have an “Inner Knowing” regarding what is “right” for them
People possess the resources to manifest what they want in their lives
People can have their lives be the way they truly want them

The vision for our MMS Coach Training is to train individuals to become “Brilliant” coaches. At the completion of the program, each participant will be able to efficiently clarify the underlying issue, get to the essence of the matter, determine specifically what the client ideally wants, and support the client in strategizing an action plan so that he or she can fulfill or manifest their vision. It is our goal for students participating in our program to fully embody the ICF Ethical standards along with the ICF and MMS Core Competencies, and to be prepared to professionally coach individuals either independently or within an organizational setting.

The MMS Coach Training offers three
ICF certified programs:

ICF-Level 1

Formerly known as (ACSTH), the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours program by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and accredited by MMS. Level 1 approved programs are considered “al la carte” training programs, which may or may not offer start-to-finish coach training programs. MMS Coach Training offers students high content with 66 hours required for Level 1 program approval. Your Coaching log demonstrates 100 hours (75 paid/25 pro-bono) of coaching experience with at least 8 clients and completes the ICF Credentialing Exam, (70% passing grade).

 Level 1 is a (66-hour) coach training program. The credential level is Associate Certified Coach (ACC). This program includes:


  • ICF Core Competencies
  • Code of Ethics
  • ICF definition of coaching
  • 10 hours mentor coaching
  • 5 Observed coaching sessions
  • 1 Final Performance Evaluation Exam
ICF-Level 2
Formally known as the (ACTP), Approved Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Now called, Level 2 is a start-to-finish coach-training program for the PCC and ACC certifications, Level 2 includes comprehensive instruction around the ICF Core Competencies, the ICF definition of coaching, and the MMS transformational pure coaching tools. Level 2 also includes Mentor Coaching, Observed feedback coaching sessions, and a comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student’s coaching competency. Graduates of a Level 2 may apply for an individual ICF Credential using the Level 2 path.

Level 2 is a start-to-finish (127-hours) coach training program that includes:


  • ICF Core Competencies
  • Code of Ethics
  • ICF definition of coaching
  • The PCC Markers
  • 10 hours mentor coaching
  • 6 observed coaching sessions
  • 1 Final Performance Evaluation Exam
ICF Level 3

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is intended for third-party training providers who are interested in having their training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). CCE is considered supplemental and advanced education for those wishing to acquire new learning and/or those who are renewing their ICF Credential.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units are earned upon completing Continuing Coach Education. CCE units are awarded in two categories:


  • Core Competencies: Advanced coach training that directly relates to or expands upon the ICF Core Competencies
  • Resource Development: Training in skills that contribute to a coach’s professional development (e.g., personal development, coaching tools or assessments, business building, or other material that falls outside the ICF Core Competencies.



5 Reasons to Attend


Transformative Intention and Design:

Our TECC is designed to be transformative instead of transactional so we can confidently give clients a reason for why us and deliver a superior participant experience through combining research in adult learning, decades of experience in having helped thousands of successful leaders and teams, and embodiment of coaching principles we teach.

“Best-in-Class” Trainer Caliber and Experience:

Our lead trainer, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, is one of the world’s most-respected coaching pioneers, an ICF MCC and a NYT-bestselling author, who sort of invented coach training in 1974. Up till today she has led over 160 ACTP and ACSTH programs in North America, Europe and APAC.

Highest Standards and Superior Participant Value:

Our TECC is an ACTP program, standing out for its longest industry history of excellence and value, which is attested by raving participant reviews as quoted in this page..

World-class Trainer Team:

Our faculty include Chérie and 3 other MCCs and multiple PCCs, all amazing professionals, with over 150 years of combined experience with our mentor coaches operating in English, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Ongoing Support to Growth and Partnership:

We have carefully developed our brand that is accessible through our programs, websites, books and YouTube, and the famous MindSpan coach network serving 450+ global/local clients including 131 Fortune 500 companies.

What Graduates Say About MMS

Roland Slot, The Netherlands

The moment I met Chérie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn. So I took the MMS Coach Training, which exceeded my already high expectations. I learned a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learned to be an effective coach, able to empower others. I use my newly acquired skills in my business, in my family and in every aspect of my life – wherever I find it appropriate to use them. I can highly recommend this course to anyone regarding of whether you want to become a professional coach, change jobs, or just want to get better at what you are already doing.

Claire Higgins, Dubai

Responding to an inner call to attend the MMS Coach Training in Bangkok has quite literally changed my life. The three months were to hold some of the most challenging and most precious times of my life. I lived and grew in ways that I had previously thought unimaginable. With the support of the entire MMS team, I was able to break through many obstacles and start seeing myself as a coach. Now, back home, I am in the process of setting up my own coaching business. I am grateful for every ounce of wisdom and support I have received, especially that which ultimately came from within.
Gregor Schmalz

Gregor Schmalz, Thailand

I took the MMS Coach Training in summer 2014. MMS Coach Training did not only match, but exceeded my expectations. As a former Senior Manager and Executive you preach constant change with a high impact on the most important asset a company has, its people. MMS Coach Training put me on an inner journey in which I discovered the challenges of change, the importance of my true feelings and the true power of commitment, being connected and the beauty of helping others to fulfill their own potential. The MMS Coach Training is of extraordinary value for both my private and professional life and it is a ‘must-do’ for any newcomer to the coaching field.
Amelia Zhou

Amelia Zhou, China

I have experienced several transformational moments in my life, from an entrepreneur to a corporate employee. But why have I just kept going and the satisfaction and joy did not fully land in me? What do I want out of life? With these doubts in mind, I embarked on the MMS coaching training program. During the training I became more and more aware that I was changing from within. I began to embrace the unknown possibilities and build up more positive energy around me. Dr. Chérie is the most knowledgeable, pacesetter in coaching. I am glad to know that she is going to lead the TECC from China/Asia. A learning program led by her will be a journey of faith, trust and love.

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