We all have friends throughout the world who are experiencing hardships. They may be related to mother nature, dramatic climate changes, physical pain, diagnoses, relationship break-ups, or financial downturns. Regardless of the unfulfilled expectations, the hurt, sorrow, and deep disappointment, we all have the potential to be resilient when we have fully processed our emotional loss and trauma.

September may be a time for new beginnings. September is a time to end vacations, return to school, and set goals for Q4 to end the year on a high note.

At this moment in time:
What would you like to do to complete your 2023?
What would make you feel happy and proud?
What would set you up for a positive 2024 in a proactive manner?

We at MMS want you to know that we are a resource for you.
We are here to support you in challenging moments.
We are here to help you see the learning in the hardships.
We are here to get you back on your feet and moving forward.

I have just completed writing my memoirs and it includes looking at my life and seeing all the lessons that I have been offered as part of my overall education in the school of life. The process has been very grounding and enlightening. I highly recommend it if you are ready for introspection. You can even do this in 5-10 year chunks, and then set it aside until you are ready to bring all of the pieces together.

My challenge to you is to take hold and make this end of this year very positive.

  1. If you have the intention to show up in Thailand for our March 1st celebration, then let’s start your plan to make sure you get here on time, with no excuses.
  2. If you plan on making a 1-2 minute video for the event, please reach out to htrancoach@gmail.com to be interviewed for the montage that she is creating.
  3. If you want to be a virtual attendee, then make sure that you register on www.mmsworldwideinstitute.com so you will be included in all the steps that are necessary.
  4. And finally, if you are on the fence, and require an “Insta-clear” reach out to LynnUStewart@gmail.com to help you make your choice.

From us to you…blessing on your path!

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