Each one of us must come to terms with our talents, our passion, meaning, and deliver compensate us as well. If you have been on this journey of reflection and illumination, then you know what I mean. And it doesn’t stop with one coaching session…because the game keeps changing. As the game changes, there is a new and deeper reflection as to the new “Purpose” that provides the sizzle, sparks, and the opportunity to learn and grow.
 I discovered that I was a gifted jeweler and I did that for many years and loved making beautiful ornaments and accessories for special people. Then there came a detour in the road. The company I worked for downsized and I was at home, contemplating my next chapter. Do I stay in the jewelry field? Is there more for me to learn in the jewelry industry? Is this creative field my entire life? Is it a possibility to change direction and do something totally different? Reflection time to find my inner compass regarding what’s next!

Coaching once again helped me discover my ideal career change. I knew jewelry well, however I felt that it needed a breath of fresh air to introduce something bigger, something younger, something that could possibly brand a soul! I was moved to take action and search for a young, gifted, multi-talted iconic identity. As I researched and sought to discover this gem, I realized that she was right in front of me, in my house! My daughter, Kiera Selbe is the gifted talent who astounds people with her singing, songwriting, dancing, drawing, acting, and modeling! Kiera is the gem that I would now be moulding, managing, and presenting to the world as the original, youthful brand to infuse unlimited possibilities into this inspirational young woman.

Conducting my research asking the question, “who is behind the Brand,” I discovered that influential people are remunerated to become the face of multiple brands; in fact, a person can become famous before creating a new brand. I knew this intuitively from my modeling days (80 commercials).

So this was the moment that everything started to come together: my creativity, the field of creating wearable art, the gifted gem who just happens to be my daughter, and putting it all together into an ideal picture. My learning was exponential! It was the right time, the right concept, the right talent, and the right social market. So, my calling was correct. I decide to create the Kiera Selbe Brand with the right eclectic design, the color, the feel, the looks, the belief and the formula to create our brand story.

Kiera was becoming more famous in her artistic world and it was emerging before my eyes.

All was clear in my mind, including the right strategy moving forward. Now I’m right in the middle of dual branding,  “Product Branding Merged With the Artist!” Amazing!

Both are gaining notoriety, attracting more followers, and securing global exposure. My passion that really drives me is the fact that we start from a tiny spark of creativity, bring it to life, and make it grow to a worldwide international brand. I am in awe of the coaching process that is leading me to a new dimension of my life…and it comes right from my heart! Let’s make Kiera Selbe brand the role model for people everywhere to fall in love with beauty!

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