Discovering My Purpose: A Journey to Meaning and Direction

I left my well-paying job in Dubai and returned to India. I wanted my son to grow up with his great-grandmother and for me to start my own business. A few years in, while working on small projects, I met a doctor who wanted software to teach online. This made me think: if a doctor can teach online, we all can share what we know on the internet. That’s when I started FreshLearn. It’s a place where anyone can teach and learn anything. This journey showed me that I’m passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom by doing what they love, namely sharing their knowledge and monetizing it online. This not only empowers them financially but also gives them the freedom to spend time with their family.

Priorities in Life: Discussing what holds significance for me.

My priorities revolve around three core pillars: my family, my team, and my customers. Each group has placed immense trust in me, which is something I deeply honor and strive to uphold. Recognizing the trust these groups have in me, I commit to valuing and supporting them in every aspect of my life and work, ensuring their needs and well-being are always at the forefront of my decisions.

Making an Impact: Finding a platform where I could enact change.

Finding a platform to enact change led me to create FreshLearn, a place I envisioned would empower individuals to share their knowledge and experiences. With 15000+ creators making over $30M in earnings and impacting over 1M learners, the impact has been profound and far-reaching:
FreshLearn has become more than a platform; it’s a community where knowledge is monetized and shared globally, fostering a better world. This has exceeded my initial expectations, showing that impactful change can come from sharing and learning together.

Lessons Along the Way: Reflecting on the wisdom gained through experiences.

The biggest lesson for me on this journey is that every goal is achievable if you keep listening to your customers, to your team, and maintain perseverance.One such experience was Meeting Dr. Cherie and Dr. Micheal.
Meeting Dr. Cherie and Dr. Michael in person to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MMS Coaching Institute was a profound learning experience. Witnessing their unwavering passion for their profession after half a century made it clear: such dedication is only possible when you truly love what you do.

Embracing My Role: Sharing my sentiments on fulfilling my purpose.
As the CEO and founder, witnessing my team and customers’ happiness each day is profoundly rewarding. This joy is a tangible reminder of why I embarked on this journey. It’s not just about business success; it’s about creating an environment where people feel valued, supported, and part of something meaningful. Every smile, and every thank-you, reinforces my commitment to our mission and the positive impact we aim to have on their lives and the broader community. For me, this is the essence of fulfilling my purpose: ensuring that through our collective efforts, we make a significant, positive difference in the world.

Getting to Know Me: Insights into who I am beyond the surface.

I am an introvert person who believes in speaking the truth, being empathetic, and living a simple life with a high purpose.

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