I met Dr. Chérie 5 years ago and she made a profound impact on my life. Despite all the accolades Dr. Chérie has earned, including her achievements, she comes across with the utmost humility, authenticity, and sincerity about everything that she commits to. My magical encounter with her resolved our University’s intention to proceed with MMS Coach Training. She supported us from recruiting students for the first cohort in UAE to facilitating the entire course herself. Her brilliance and magic shined throughout even after we completed the cohort.

Being in the midst of COVID, all classes were virtual, and despite that, her demonstration coaching sessions powerfully jumped through the computer screen as if we were right next to her. She was able to successfully transmit that magic and passion to every student, and I can attest to that emphatically since I was also one of her students.

She walks her talk which makes it so much more impactful to the class. Listening to her rings of her ethics and integrity. We students loved to listen to her recorded sessions over and over again to capture the essence of her coaching mindset and her pure essence.

Even though she has coached CEOs at the most elite companies in the world, she treats each student/coachee in the same way as she would treat the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I know that from my own experience having been coached by her. I have read several of her books and the simplicity and practicality of her writings are like golden nuggets of wisdom drawn from her own life experience. Her story of how she became “called” to coaching is an absolute must-read for all aspiring coaches.

Finally, the MMS coaching approach, developed by Dr. Chérie, is truly a game changer and is completely aligned with the ICF Core Competencies. I have become a passionate life coach because of her and I wish to pass on her legacy to individuals everywhere.

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