Signing up to take part in the MMS TECC Coach Training is one of the best decisions I made in the past 12 months. My motivations for signing up were focused on self development and learning a new skill, I wasn’t expecting to fall head over heels with coaching; within the first month of the course, the new awareness and skillset started to change my life for the better. I became more self-aware, my conversations and interactions with my friends and family improved, and I became more present in my day to day activities. The course is taught by two of the most authentic people that I have had the pleasure to come across in my life’s journey; Dr Cherie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije are truly masters in coaching, and are excellent teachers. For all their successes, they are incredibly humble and so giving. In my personal experience they have been super approachable, and have made the time to answer any questions outside of class, and where additional support has been required to guide or course correct my development, both have been readily available and this has made a tremendous difference. It’s clear both Dr Cherie and Michael are dedicated to the success of their students. Dr Cherie has been coaching for 40+ years, and as a student in the MMS TECH class, we have the opportunity to watch her coach live, which is great for learning and understanding the skill of coaching, and the experience provides a blueprint for what coaching looks like when it’s done to the master level. I’ve been fortunate to be coached by Dr Cherie, and by the end of the session felt as though I was elevated to a new more expansive state of being; I found the courage within me to pursue my ambitions that had been dormant for nearly two decades. This transformative experience shouldn’t be underestimated, as so many people go through life with unfulfilled dreams, and a skillful coach with the right training can support the positive change in lives that is inextricably linked to purpose and happiness. It’s clear that the course has been carefully and meticulously designed to cover all the important aspects of coaching and it goes beyond the requirements outlined by ICF, so the training is really robust. As a student each module builds upon the foundation that is set before new content is introduced, which lends itself to natural progression of the student. The training sets a gold standard, and ensures anyone who takes the programme is taught how to be an effective coach that will support their client in the correct and appropriate way. Since taking the course, after I grew confident from coaching with my peers, I started to offer coaching to my friends and colleagues at work to practice the skill further; the effect has been humbling. Even as a student of coaching the impact that I have had on those that I’ve coached has been huge, from the reduction of stress at work, to handling difficult friendship situations, to making difficult decisions about which educational path to pursue. My own life has improved since starting the course. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering signing up to the course, to take the step and do it, the personal gains are far too great to be ignored.

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