With the sudden death of my oldest male friend and cousin, Peter, the fragility of life is so very present. I wrote about it in the April edition of our “Defining Moments” newsletter. Like many people, I easily lose track with the passage of time and with Peter Werner’s passing, the “Message” was “Celebrate whenever you can since tomorrow is promised to no one!” To find a special moment in 2024 to celebrate 50 years of dedication to training the very best coaches who have given us the privilege of educating them is reason enough to pause and celebrate.

We are celebrating “Being Here,” a global virtual event coupled with a local F2F connection in the South of Thailand. Throughout the years, we at MMS have been guided every step of the journey. The right people have shown up, the required venues/offices, and locations have been available and offered, and the perfect participants (YOU) have somehow found us and given us permission to bequeath what we have had to share, teach, and pass on to the younger generations. We are truly blessed in every respect.

We have survived so many challenges, we have thrived when others had to close their doors, and, we are deeply grateful that we’re still alive!

Our 2024 celebration event is to give thanks and honor you because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t exist today. The invitation is this: Reflect on your experience with MMS and determine if you grew and if so, in what ways. If your growth was valuable in your overall life experience, then “Save the date: Friday, March 1st, 2024!” Look for more information in subsequent newsletters.

If you want to use your “Super Powers” to contribute to the event, please let Sandy Chen: sandycyf11@163.com know what you want to offer, since Sandy is the point person and will coordinate all efforts to create a memorable experience for all, both locally and globally. Remember, 50 years ago was the beginning of a new profession. A profession based on connection, curiosity, confidence, courage, compassion, clarity, creativity, causality, and so much more…It is your way to make the world a better place one session at a time…and now there are over 50,000 ICF coaches and 93,000 coaches globally supporting people and organizations to make dreams become reality.

We have integrated the Ten Rules for Being Human as a guide to living life to be joyful and happy.

You are included, you are invited, and you are dear to us. Come celebrate in whatever way your message indicates.

With loving blessings,
Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC
Lynn U. Stewart, MCC
Michael A. Pomije, MCC

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