“Who do you dream to become when you grow up?” When you were a child, were you asked this
question? My answer was to become a diplomat. But no one ever cared to ask me why I wanted to be
one or what was so special and important about being one. Including me!
Like most of Chinese millennials, I lived my life following the opinions of others. I studied hard to earn my
parent’s approval. I worked indefatigably for titles. I loved standing on stage because of the attention I
As the third daughter in our family, unconsciously, my life was more about striving to please my parents,
proving that I was as worthy as a man. From the outside, I was considered excellent by others, but deep
inside I was full of fear… of rejection, failure, being abandoned, and never being good enough. The sad
part is I DIDN’T KNOW. I thought I was living, in the right way.
Until June 1, 2014 the day I broke my ankle. I didn`t stop working since I was driven by fear of my
parent’s disappointment. My condition became worse. I often awakened at three AM in the dark, full of
pain, which lasted for hours. Though I was working hard in a top advertising firm, I didn`t achieve my
promotion. Throughout long-enduring pain, I didn`t have friends who showed they care mainly because
they believed I was strong enough to face the pain alone. Emotion hit the very bottom and all my fears
were shaken to the surface through this intense physical pain. I even encountered suicidal thoughts
because of the intense feeling of failure causing me to question the meaning of life. That was a shocking
moment for me to stare directly into the face of fear. I could no longer disguise my truth.
It was time to make a choice about my fears. Was I going to run away or to confront it? Suddenly, I heard
a voice in my heart saying, “I cannot live like this anymore!” Instead of denying or running away, I made a
choice to be curious about who I am, about understanding my personality, my strengths, and my deepest
passion. That was when I asked myself what was so special about becoming a diplomat. My response
was, A diplomat uses words to reconcile powerful parties. I had the realization from childhood that I never
made a powerful impact through channeling my passion into my expression.
I also started to explore where my fear originated. Whatever I found, I confronted it and dealt with it with
courage. The first action I took was to ask my parents their perception of me. When they shared their
opinion of me: no boyfriend, no house, no big job title, and no money. I sounded like a total failure!
Joseph Campbell said, 'In the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek.' Somehow, a revelation
came to me and I found my first treasure: It is impossible to please my parents because we hold such
different values of success. Their values are about earing large sums of money, achieving significant
social status while my value is to become a practitioner and advocate to make unique positive impact in
this world, with fulfilling my destiny and living my dreams. This awareness totally re-directed the focus of
my life. I was transformed from a people-pleaser into a dreamer. By the end of 2015, I had a clear vision:
To build a dream inspiration center which encourages and supports people to be their authentic selves
and then dares to create their secret dreams. How was I to do this? By being the change which I want to
make; by asking curious questions to provoke self-awareness and reframe beliefs; by connecting
dreamers and advocating through social media.
When I first started to share my vision, no one was truly listening as if it was a delusion. I started to create
it anyway. If there are no others who care about dreams, at least, I cared. While talking about my dream
and acting on it, Dr. Chérie showed up on my journey like a miracle in 2018. Can you believe it?
The mother of coaching, (45+ years of supporting others’ dreams). In the MMS safe and trusting coaching
bubble, the details of my dream became clearer. My sense of worthiness became stronger while being
listened to, encouraged, and supported. I wanted to follow up others when they said they had a dream.
Fueled by MMS energy, my dream was accelerated, I started my own brand called dream c+, got my
PCC coach certification, became mentor coach in MMS’s TECC course, formed my dreamer community,
gave speeches, and started to post videos on social media. People sent me messages saying they were
inspired and encouraged by my passion and commitment.

Meanwhile, entering caves becomes a lifestyle and magical things start to happen. After being single for
10 years, I was afraid that I might never get married and I might be too late to ever become a mother. I
confronted the fear and focus in envisioning my dream life and becoming my very best authentic self. in
2020 January, I met Bruce in person and our first deep conversation was about his wildest dream. A few
days later, we made the decision to get married. In 2022, Aug 18, before my 39 th birthday, I gave birth to
twin boys called “Wonders” as shown in the photo. And guess what will be our first deep conversation
about? ��
Eight years have passed since the first moment I confronted my fear. My journey of creating my dream
center continues. I do not know when it will become a reality, however, I enjoy every step towards it
because it is not about what I do, it is about who I become!
Confronting fear, I do not work as a dream coach, I LIVE as a dream coach, who supports all dreams
coming true!

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