I finally found the missing piece that was holding me back!

If you ever wonder why you love the way you do, just look at the way your parents loved you, or each other. This reality can sabotage your creativity, spoil your relationships, drain your energy and even directly affect your health.

My missing piece was my relationship with my father, I never knew what love was. In fact, I was never shown what love can be. I had to become aware, understand, unlearn and let go of the identity I created to compensate for feeling that wasn’t enough; that I was unlovable or unimportant. I felt I had the breaks on holding back for so many years. Even though, I still managed to accomplish so many great things, yet, they never came from a place of love, courage, freedom, happiness, authenticity, or worthiness. ‘I’m not loveable or capable enough. These beliefs became like shackles around me, pulling me back, tying me down, and stopping me from doing what I wanted. Deep down I knew exactly what I was capable of, but even though I knew in my mind what I wanted to do, I couldn’t break through to change my life. I felt as if what I longed for was so very far away? It took me 15 years of relentless research, stripping back layer upon layer, thousands of hours reading, watching, experiencing, and writing. I never admitted how I felt or what I was thinking to anyone or even asked for help. I believed telling anyone about my vulnerability was being weak, but how far that was from the truth. 

I couldn’t change what I didn’t understand. I had to look deeply into how my past influenced my current life.

My struggles even as a kid, with my dyslexia, dyspraxia, bullying, a very unstable parenting environment, and unable to talk until I was 4 years. This shaped a child and adolescence far from normal, full of anger and frustration, and a brain, attitudes, and beliefs wired in such a way that success was nearly impossible to achieve. Just to survive my younger years and into my teens, I created an identity and put a mask on every morning just to survive, this left me distracted from my true self, leaving me anxious, depressed, and exhausted keeping up the pretence of someone who wasn’t me.

A defining moment for me, that I will never forget was when I talked openly and genuinely about my challenges and feelingsI felt I was really heard and completely understood without any judgmentI felt an instant experience of relief and total peace that allowed me to let go and start to feel it was okay to be me. Learning a process to discover answers and having a robust system to further unlock and channel my abilities and give myself the permission, power, and insights to change my life permanently is a very rare and special gift.

The BIGGEST, most dramatic change in my life was when I finally located answers and it happen in a blink of an eye, it was that fast It was found in a process called coaching where I met two of the most gifted women:  Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Lynn U. Stewart, skilled coaching practitioners who have dedicated their entire lives to finding answers and helping others find theirs.

I have the opportunity and the skills to accelerate change and to help my clients transform. I have coached, CEO, trainers, housewife’s, MMA fighters, teachers, and business owners. Through coaching, I can fully utilise my skills and abilities to help people find their answers, and discover what’s in the way of them having what they really want: love for themselves, peace, financial freedom, their perfect weight, joyful and loving relationships, and the list goes on and on.

I have become the change I wanted to see in others,

I am a performance coach and specialize in your relationship with your body. It would be my absolute pleasure to help find what’s missing and create a better life for you, your family, and your future. I am here to help. If you want a chemistry session with me, please reach out: performancecoachbkk@gmail.com


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