“I worked for the last 15 years managing teams in the tech industry. But 2 years ago, I started to question if I wanted to keep doing the job that I had been doing for a long time my life or if something else was there for me. I had a few ideas crossing my mind, but honestly, I couldn’t have any clarity on them. One day a work friend mentioned that she knew someone who might be of help to me. That is when I met Galina Kalinina(Read more) When we had our chemistry session, I knew immediately that she would be the one that would support me on this journey. Things started to be so clear in my mind and made so much sense. It was like I started to feel free to make choices. Yes, you can do that! After the call, I was so excited! I went to my husband and said “I think soon I might start a new adventure!” And I wasn’t wrong at all! Galina mentioned that she was delivering a coaching program in a few weeks, and I immediately said, “I am in!” I had an amazing connection with Galina. I felt safe and listened to. I knew that she was the one that would hold my hand during this new journey, supporting me every step of the way. Like anything in life, you always need to pick someone you know will make the experience amazing. And especially with coaching programs, you want to learn from someone who has their heart in the right place, who is your biggest cheerleader who supports you not only during the program but also after graduation. The work of a coach is, for me, an honor! You have a great impact on people’s lives. So this means that you want to have not only the best ICF practices but also all the soft skills that would mark the difference when you start to coach people. And this can only happen if you choose the right coaching program. Galina and Lenka are amazing coaches with open hearts full of love. And this makes the difference! From the awesome and diverse group of people that were part of the class to the safe and trustful environment and the supportive and fun way of teaching. I have gained so many skills and created new relationships and different perspectives. I could apply what I have learned not only in my coaching practice but in my personal life as well. I completed the program 6 months ago, and till now, I feel that their energy is what makes me keep going even on those days when I feel a little lost. This is what you want from a program! And I can tell you as a new ACC coachwho has started my own business 6 months ago, choosing Galina and Lenka made all the difference. If you are looking for a special and unique coaching program, Galina and Lenka are your go-to.  I am so grateful to both of them for allowing me to live this experience in such a lovely way. “

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