Introducing Coach Ple & Coach Joy as our New MMS Thailand Coach Training Licensee in Thai Language in 2024!

Hello MMS family and friends,

It’s with immense joy and pride that we introduce ourselves as the newly licensed MMS Coach Training partners in Thailand. Starting in 2024, we’ll be teaching in the beautiful Thai language, staying true to our roots while introducing the world-class MMS way of coaching.

Both of us are MMS graduates, and the transformation we experienced during our MMS Certified Coach Training was profound. We may hail from diverse professional backgrounds, but we share a unified purpose: empowering individuals through holistic coaching.

Meet Coach Apple (Dr. Thitiwan Situnok) or as many affectionately call her, “Bun.” With over 25 years in the field, she’s not just a coach but a mentor, consultant, and human resources expert. My journey, Coach Joy-Amornrat Pratoomma, is grounded in the corporate world, with extensive experience working with some of Thailand’s top corporations.

Our combined strengths make us a formidable duo – Coach Apple brings warmth and gratitude, while I embody logic and performance-based approaches. Our synergy has only grown stronger over the past decade, and today, our mission is clear: to facilitate transformative journeys for those who seek it.

Life in Thailand post-Covid-19 has intensified. Many are grappling with extended work hours, and many of them are searching for meaning in their life. Our interactions with top executives and business magnates revealed a startling truth: most aren’t clear about what they truly desire. The MMS method doesn’t just create coaches; it nurtures a lifestyle. We firmly believe that our courses will resonate with those who aspire for genuine well-being, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose.

Dr. Chérie’s wise words always resonate: “Your life, in the end, is the sum total of how you spent your time.” That grabbed me. We all have the same number of hours in a day. What differs is how we use those hours. When we know exactly what we want, we envision the desired end. Everything starts with “What you want?” We know that we want to share the MMS work with those who want to grow, learn and transform their lives!

The 50th Anniversary of MMS on March 1st, 2024, is a significant milestone, and we’re truly honored to be part of the MMS Worldwide Institute during such monumental times. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Cherie Carter Scott, Lynn U. Stewart, and especially Michael A. Pomije for this opportunity.

For our global MMS family, we’re thrilled to invite you to Koh Lanta, Thailand.

We’re launching the ICF Level 1 MMS Transformational Executive Coach Training on March 22nd, 2024 in Bangkok. Please help spread the word.

Please feel free to contact, me, Amornrat Pratoomma, at or just “Joy” to share this news with your Thai colleagues and friends.

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