Yuri Makino’s sharing about becoming a new Mother!

I would like to share my learnings, thoughts, and takeaway through this pregnancy-becoming a mom-starting a new family journey.

Whatever I did and experienced in life up until this moment, will help me to navigate better in the present and in the future. I have learned that I must Invest to continue to learn, continually educate myself and keep growing are all very important.
For example, yoga training and massage certification helped me with my breathing technique, and the maintenance of my body, MMS Coach Training helped me to process my thoughts and emotions when going through overwhelming situations so I could manage myself and my circumstances more effectively. Working in a cabin crew job helped me to wake and up sleep in odd hours, which is a requirement of a new mother! I would never have imagined what would become my strength; each situation and opportunity has provided me with the tools to handle and manage situations in the future!

Lat’s take Covid during pregnancy; this brought my family closer together and made us stronger. I appreciate my husband, family, and friends around me more than I ever acknowledged in the past and I feel my gratitude daily.

Obviously, women go through a lot of transformations during pregnancy, including physical, emotional, and psychological., Men also experience huge changes when becoming a father. That experience is rarely spoken about, yet it is so important to be considerate and to remember to give support to the father-to-be.

Yuri holding the Gift of Motherhood book

Lastly, all of my dreams have become reality in just two short years! First of all, my husband and I got a puppy. Then we bought a house. Then I get a new job. And now my husband and I have our little treasure, Maya to complete the picture. All of this happened in 2years! I learned at MMS Coach Training that I could have it all…and now I do!

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